26 September 2009

Link roundup for 26 September 2009 (part 2)

Hmm, maybe I should enter -- it's a blasphemy contest!

Teabaggers of yesteryear? An arresting photo.

This video seems to capture the essence of the opposition so well, I almost wonder if it's a spoof.

The birth-certificatards have put out an infomercial.

Should Palin be treated like the Dixie Chicks?

New York City greets Ahmadinejad (sent by Mendip).

Here's Russia's response to the latest revelations about Iran's nuclear program.

Had it not been for the FBI, we might have just suffered another September 11 attack -- in Dallas (sent by Ranch Chimp).

Yet another right-wing effort at global-warming denialism falls flat after a bit of fact-checking.

After years of gender-selective abortion, India is now suffering a shortage of women.

More later, probably this afternoon.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Blasphemy Contest? Hell...that shouldnt be too much of a challenge,to me a real challenge is trying to find a human that isnt blasphemous! It's absolutely hilarious watching some of those who are fundamoralist's for instance...you know...the far christian...the foot stompim,revival partying,ball scratchin,bible humpin type ... I sware...they spend their entire life kicking themselve's in the ass! No shit ... everytime they say "goddamn" for instance...or miss "grace" before eating, or wank off...they go through psychological misery of what they had done.It's like a Jeckell&Hyde game...you blasphem .. get your jollies...then kick yourself in the ass when your done as punishment. :)

Daily Dish photo piece was funny...brought back old memories of burning Beatles record's and such.What was really funny seeing was that sign that said "Race mixin is Communism" ... I sware...everything today is also communism...or nazi-ism ... they even call Jew's Nazi's these day's, heh,heh,heh ...I was watchin an interview today on CNN...it was Jew hater himself Ahmadinejad(spelling?) being interviewed by Larry King ... I couldnt stop laughing...wondering how he must feel having to be questioned by a Jew! And what is his excuse he will tell his Jew hating comrade's back at the opium stash coral(Iran) for doing so...heh,heh,heh,...Calling President Obama a Nazi is just a convenient "N-word" ...their so chicken shit to say what they really think of him...which is just a nigger! :)

Keller and Kreep was funny as well...check it out...$30 buck's for a bumper sticker...if that aint a "bite" I dont know what is!! And check out them two polyester retro dude's ... you can see "scammer" written all over them ...both look like them used car salesmen...who tote the note while you get soaked out the ass.And just imagine...there's enough sucker's to buy it...especially in rural Texas...I bet they make a killing!No...I never seen the commercial in Dallas, but I'm sure they have or will have...there's alot of folk's here that will buy that nonsense also.I havent seen the sticker yet either...beside's in this posting.Oh...forgive me...I want to be fair here...I realize their overhead expenses,the Justice Foundation,or whatever the cost's are...they got more tax loophole's and diversion's than the Catholic Diosese has pedophile booty bandito's! BUT ... you will get your name put on a petition and sent to Congress or the Senate... who will look at them also as dumbasses and probably wipe their asses with it. :)

Carnal Nation (I really like this site) on young men in India asking government to find them wive's ... this was also a gut buster! If I was young in these time's and single in a place like India... I wouldnt be so hard to please ..sure as hell wouldnt be worrying about a wife or seeing how many babies I can produce with a gal...just getting laid would satisfy me......

Thanx Guy ...........

26 September, 2009 19:32  
Anonymous NickM said...

Well, Sarah Palin shouldn't get a record contract.

Neither should the Dixie Chicks have got one.

So yeah, they're the same.

Palin 2012 - Oh be still my splitting sides!

27 September, 2009 03:16  
Blogger TomCat said...

Thank you for the link! :-)

27 September, 2009 05:07  

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