25 September 2009

Pelosi & Biden on target

Pelosi is trying to get the public option back on the table.

Biden wants to beat the Taliban by going after the real roots of the problem -- in Pakistan.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

First of all ...I cant say enough about Speaker Pelosi. As in previous post's I have alway's pointed out how she is so kind and sincere...but seem's to be weak in some area's and folk's like Hank Paulson and associate's were taking advantage of her,like last year when she was deciding whether or not to go with their proposed bailout's.I really like Pelosi alot..I was just concerned at time's with her standing strong.But this is great news...along with if you recall(I posted a video)back over a week ago...when Baucus presented his BS plan...she was appauled afterward's and said to the press something like "What?! He expect's us to give these companies 45 million new customer's without no rule's?!!" ...she absolutely thrilled me hearing her say that...cause she made the "bite" and was speaking out against it. Of coarse I would hope for a option but have been so skeptical about it cause I know how the big money is so manipulative up in Washington...these folk's are very powerful...and hard to beat. All these hardline liberal's that are standing up to this p[ower is so impressive...and truely patriotic in these time's. I am just thrilled that we still have these kind of folk's in our government left these day's.And it has been too quiet this week...I'm not sure what to make of it...but I just dont trust Snowe ...I fell she's up to no good!And when she is too quiet...she concern's me.


25 September, 2009 20:36  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I am also thrilled to hear about Biden and the question's and solution's that "some" are looking at.The reason...as you may know...I been whining about Pakistan for at least 5 year's now,actually probably closer to 10. What started it for me...was back almost a decade ago...I heard that the Pakistani Gvmt was flat broke...and they decided to let fundi extremeist's run their school system. And after they took over...a day of classes for a student was mostly bobbing their head up and down at a desk in front of a Quran and chanting verses...and I aint talkin bout some "opening prayer" or such...I'm talkin about hour's of this at a time...like until recess! Well to make this shorter, when I seen that I pitched a bitch, Why? Because of Pakistan's nuke arsenal is why! I'll shut up now.

25 September, 2009 20:52  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

If Pelosi can get the reform process out of the tar pit it seems stuck in at the moment, I'll take back everything bad I've ever said about her!

26 September, 2009 05:31  

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