15 September 2009

More on the Saturday teabagger turnout claims

Right-wing bloggers have been circulating a photo showing a vast crowd in Washington. However, the photo does not show a nearby building which opened in 2004, so it must have been taken before that -- most likely in 1997 (found via Mountain Sage).


Anonymous rita said...

That is no surprise, considering the mentality.

The perpetrators of this current debacle have it too easy.

They don't have to worry about outwitting their opponents.

They are just going to bury us under a flood of idiocy.

15 September, 2009 06:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. How to lie with pictures and numbers...

I agree with Rita, it is too easy to barrage us all with massive idiocy that becomes overwhelming and futile to oppose.

There is a photo of a bus that (I assume) brought some teabaggers to DC and probably served as the organizing HQ during the protest. The bus is plastered with pictures of Terri Schiavo, a dead elderly person in an open coffin, and the burning WTC on 9/11. There are signs on it along the lines of No Obamacare, It's your money!, Grandma/pa dies!, and something about freedom (of course) with the pic of 9/11.

It does not make sense at all, but it combines all the strong emotional triggers setting this particular crowd on fire.

I think this bus really exemplifies the nature of this protest and the idiocy unfolding around us. Wonder which right-wing organization came up with this idea. The people who run these organizations, like FreedomWorks, for example, are no dummies. Yet they purposely dumb down their message and the way it's communicated to incite rage in the undereducated and angry people to get them protesting on behalf of their own agenda (which is to keep their profits intact). It's vile, really.

15 September, 2009 11:08  

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