10 September 2009

Obama's speech

The best commentary on it I've seen so far is here. Main upside: he shows definite signs of being willing to confront the conservatives and actually fight to get something done instead of continuing to make a fetish of bipartisanship. Main downside: his commitment to a public option sounds as wobbly as ever.

Update: Middle of Nowhere says that the only thing that can save the public option is the public.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Actually I thought it was very bipartisan...or at least to me "true" bipartisanship is fairness to all side's. It sounded as fair to me as one could offer. I dont see why some of the republican's looked so miserable over it... no one was left out...and insurance companies were offered incentive's... and it is...at least some action,since they all on all side's sware up and down that they been wanting "action" for year's... they didnt act like it over a decade back when Ms.Clinton tried to get something moving and they were so fixed on cutting her down and out.But they all say...they want "change" ... well here's their golden opportunity to get what their little heart's all desire...heh?

Wobbly as ever? Well ... we will just have to see how that play's out I reckon...I sure as Hell have no clue yet to that. What does concern me though...is if this can actually get through with ANY public option...the opposition is very financially able...and has 10's of billion's in influence to spend...and we all know from past...that what one say's one month in politic's can easily change when November come's around. It's still a major concern to me...and I have much skepticism. I am satisfied that the President kept public option in his plan ... I expected that much. The problem is...there are even democrat's that are not comfortable with public option...and I have been watching Sen.Olympia Snowe carefully and her side kick (ex-Senator)Bob Dole! And the so called "Trigger Plan" they are proposing that I just recently posted about.Why? Because it may look attractive to many...but all it is, is using public option as a "threat" ... to tell insurer's if they dont clean up their act...in say 5 year's...they will THEN throw in a public option, all that is is a "trade-off" screen play,used as a diversion to buy 5 year's,they alway's use 5's and 9's, because term's are 4's and 8's that allow's to press for and sell a re-elect... that is old school street hustling too ...bottom line,many dont want to change a thing...the money is too good for them,it's all a "pinch/bite" and snowejob...and basically worthless. Snowe's no dummy ... watch her.

Thanx Mr.Infidel ........

10 September, 2009 09:04  
Blogger Sue said...

republicans looked miserable... hell yea they looked like 10 year olds! I thought the speech was great too and yes a little timid when talking about the public option even tho I know he wants that in the finished bill. He told those jerks on the right in no uncertain terms, he means business and no more fun and GAMES from them and theirs!

11 September, 2009 10:56  
Blogger Rita said...

I also thought it was a good speech. He covered the real issue at hand which is that doing nothing is not an option.
IMO, & from what I see (albeit at the local level) politics almost always comes down to compromise & middle roads, & government action if anything is to get done. As expressed by a commentator in one of your links "He stands at the center urging a small shift to more government because the times demand it."
It is no surprise to me this is where we are at. "The wheels of justice move slowly", as the saying goes. So lets put our shoulders to the wheel & move forward in a positive manner.
As for those unconstructive idiots who just want to stand on the sidelines, whine, froth at the mouth & throw stones...disdain is a pretty good shield.

12 September, 2009 08:32  

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