05 September 2009

What we're up against

"Society does not work apart from God and God's rules. He is the author of government. Our encouragement to America is to repent, turn back to the living God, fall on your face in humility and ask God to save your country. God will take care of health care. God will take care. The children of Israel wandered in the desert for forty years and their sandals were not even worn out."

"If Obama and the party voted not to let health care go outside of state lines, how on Earth could a health care initiative be proposed by someone who wouldn't allow the citizens of the United States to get health care, proper care, right outside their own, you know, outside with their neighbors? That's my question."

"You do your homework, you do some study, you can see he's a radical Communist. And he's a basic Muslim. And health care will just turn -- this is a stepping stone for take-over by Communism like Hitler did in Germany."

Various anti-health-care-reform protesters

Source (and much more in the same vein) here. Anyone care to attempt a rational dialogue and negotiation with that? Personally I think some of these folks are on something a bit stronger than tea.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I'm just gonna comment on the piece's posted right here. I actually wouldnt believe this and would think of it as a joke if I didnt know a little something prior about this ..."What we are up against"? is being "kind" actually!

Repent? I get so sick of that crap...I mean...hevent we done repented enough!? Falling on our face's in humility? ... we done that crap more than enough too...behind...from bailing out these con artist's and then having to put up with listening to ya'll's goofy remedies and suggestion's. Israeli's wandering in the desert for 40 year's? Is that anything like Jesus wandering and fasting for 40 day's? Or the global rainstorm that lasted for 40 day's and night's? This is a hell of a time to start bringing up campfire folklore,especially that come's out of the middle east thousand's of year's ago...goddamn ....this is America. beside's...I never met a Jew stupid enough to even do something like that! The question in the 2nd paragraph about if Obama and party voted to not let health care go out of state line's,etc ... I had to read that one 3 time's...and I still dont even understand any of it.Obama's a radical communist and basic muslim? Dont they contradict each other? And what the hell does communism have to do with Hitler?

This is absolutely mind blowing Mr.Infidel ... Thanx........

05 September, 2009 18:49  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

The question in the 2nd paragraph about if Obama and party voted to not let health care go out of state line's,etc ... I had to read that one 3 time's...and I still dont even understand any of it.

Hell, watch the video. That person was either on drugs or severely retarded. There's nothing wrong with you that you couldn't understand it. There isn't anything there to understand.

05 September, 2009 19:44  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Actually I did catch that video the other day on Ms.Elizabeth's blog...I just didnt match up the question with it in the 2nd paragraph...because when I viewed the video,the lady asking the question slipped my mind because...she acted so dingy in what she was asking,or scatter brained(good lookin gal too,what a damn shame,bless her heart).When I was watchin that vid the other day, I was so in a daze, because I almost couldnt believe that this was real(sounded more like a comedy tele skit)...and these folk's were actually serious about what they were saying. It is sad to me,to a degree, to see folk's that live in so much misery psychologically like that. It must be a terrible state of mind to have to experience. I actually gave up trying to figure this crowd out ... beside's it's just so confusing why the conservative's when in time's these hard for them...would even do thing's like this,seeing how self destructive it can be to their parties image and future hope's.

Personally...it's these type's combined with the corporate and religious force's they support,who make me want more government control, I mean...the sad part is...if I had a choice to be under their rule or a more socialist government rule ... sadly I must admit...that I would choose the government.10 year's ago...I never thought I would say anything like that.


05 September, 2009 22:34  
Blogger mendip said...

Welcome to RoVa*....

(*Rest of Virginia, as opposed to NoVa - Northern Virginia.)

06 September, 2009 05:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! Watching the woman with long black hair and her state lines "question" (or whatever that was) reminded me of this.

BTW, wow, Infidel, you transcribed all THAT? You have a medal for heroism from me. Now please take care of yourself -- I'm sure trying to transcribe these... whatever one could all them, must have taken a toll on your health.

06 September, 2009 08:57  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Watching the woman with long black hair and her state lines "question" (or whatever that was) reminded me of this.

Hah. Good thing they didn't ask her about gay marriage.

4 billion years of evolution, 13,000 years of increasing social complexity, a brain with 100 trillion synaptic connections, and the results in so many cases are.....sigh.

06 September, 2009 10:11  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Lord have mercy, and slap me upside my redneck head!! I never even seen this video clip of this USA gal 07 or whatever, that Ms.Elizabeth was kind enough to link ... I was equally in awe ... this was also obviously not a joke. I had to listen to it a couple time's... it still baffle's the hell out of me what in Hell she was tryin to say. That is a shame...she look's so pretty and of class ... what in Hell was that poor gal thinkin?

Thanx ................

06 September, 2009 11:13  

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