17 September 2009

Quote for the day

"Is there not a good argument to be made now that Obama, having failed to win any serious Republican support, should give his party what it wants: a public option or, at the very least, more generous subsidies for the middle classes this bill is designed to help? The worst outcome would be a bill that is largely unsupported on the left, reviled by the Beck right and yet too cheap to help the people it is trying to help. If the GOP insists on total opposition - and it is - Obama could consider responding by adjusting the bill to please its actual supporters. There is more to come on this long and winding road."


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

That's a good quote. I posted about the new bite back awhile ago that is being scammed primarily by Snowe...and with help from Dole...and just posted the next bite...which was released yesterday by Sen.Max Baucus(D-MT) who presented his plan proposed unofficially by dem's...since many dem's sure as hell will not support it...cause it's a real cornhole job when you see it. I would only hope I am wrong about everything on this and that somehow the public option would be part of it...but it is looking shady. I did post Baucus presenting this crap as well.I also posted a video clip of Snowe explaining how confident she is...that NO public option plan whatsoever will ever pass the Senate.

Thanx Guy .......

17 September, 2009 09:33  

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