26 September 2009

Link roundup for 26 September 2009 (part 1)

We must condemn the sinister abomination.

Republican Bob McDonnell is a candidate for Governor of Virginia. His views on women sound like a better fit for Saudi Arabia.

The Crossed Pond has an interesting comparison of the degree of craziness on the right vs. on the left (I stand by what I said here).

The drop in jobless claims shows that the recovery from the Bush recession is starting to be reflected in the employment picture (found via Oliver Willis).

Liberal Values has more on how health-insurance companies abuse people.

Why can't reform get us a normal health-care system like all other developed countries have? In a word, bribery.

For this kind of guy, sorry, but "asshole" is the only right word.

In some ways, China and India are taking the lead in fighting global warming.

New technology may enable us to reverse rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.

Fight Aging addresses the canard that future anti-aging treatments will be available only to the rich.

More later today. Typing is getting easier but still a strain.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

The post's that were interesting to me in this segment ... was from "New Technologies" ... on reversing arthritis and osteoporosis ... and "Fighting Aging" piece in particular called "Failure to account for progress" ... cause that is exactly what is going to happen, sure...those with the most resources or as we use in this time ..."money" alway's get first shot ... then it get's to the masses in no time ... and alway's will ... when folk's want something...there is going to be folk's to supply the need's.

As far as the reversal of thing's like Arthritis and Osteoporosis .. that's just the tip of the iceberg .. once thing's get rolling they will be able to reverse and change/modify more than our wildest dream's are now! :) .... and it's already rollin!

Take Care.........

26 September, 2009 19:44  

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