30 September 2009

Blasphemy Day 2009

In honor of Blasphemy Day International 2009, I thought I'd get away from politics for a bit and round up some dear old favorites of mine which newer readers may not have seen.

First (and my only link to myself, I promise), a book full of insight on Islam by former Muslim Ibn Warraq -- and why, in spite of appearances, it's hopeful.

The "Hank" video and Pat Condell on debating religion are in the links list, but be sure not to miss 'em!

MC Hawking, a rap act in tribute to the great physicist, performs What We Need More of Is Science and Fuck the Creationists.

Justify This presents Islam's Not for Me. And don't forget that It's in the Koran!

Bill Maher speaks out on religion and on religion in politics.

Salvatore Pertutti brings us Dieu and Sacrés Livres.

Stuck Mojo's Open Season is an exuberant response to the theocrats who want to rule the world.

Finally, since Blasphemy Day was conceived in honor of the famous Danish Muhammad cartoons, I'll close with the greatest and most truth-filled Muhammad cartoon ever.

And yes, as of today my hand finally seems to be improving a bit -- thanks entirely to the knowledge and skills of human doctors, with no prayers, faith healing, or crystals involved!


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Well...this was certainly entertaining for me this morning while enjoying a bite to eat. I am talking in particular of Pat Condell(which I seen before...but wanted to enjoy again) and one I havent seen of Bill Maher on my main "squeeze" .. The jock strap struggler himself...Ted Haggard! And let me be clear here ...my man Ted is NOT gay... as he said his therapist told him ..."he is a heterosexual with homosexual attachment's" (which techinically would be a strap on of some sort I reckon..but instead of a penis...I reckon it would have to be vaginal or anal?, some kind of orifice...cause I can only assume ole Ted already has a pecker?) nonetheless, I am sure ole Ted is getting a "hand" with his problemo...or at least using his own. I sure as Hell needed a laugh this morning! :)

Thank You Sir!!

30 September, 2009 09:34  
Blogger TomCat said...

A most eclectic collection!!

01 October, 2009 14:41  
Blogger Black Wizard said...

Thanks for posting all this on Blasphemy Day. This is Lance, the outed founder of the day, thanks for Mr. Penn. If you haven't seen that video, you should:


If you're interested in supporting the cause as the next year roles around, let's stay in touch!

04 October, 2009 12:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks! I definitely do not intend to let Blasphemy Day pass unnoticed in future years.....

04 October, 2009 17:16  

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