27 September 2009

Link roundup for 26 September 2009 (part 3)

Destroy the Satanic fag machine which has infiltrated your home!

Freedom wins one at Peet's Coffee.

Glenn Beck shows a startling misunderstanding of the Constitution (found via Oliver Willis).

The right-wing base speaks out.

Democratic politicians please read: Jack Smith issues a call to arms on the public option, and Democratic fundraising is suffering as big donors still prefer the GOP and the masses are alienated by Democrats' kowtowing and cowardice and inability to get the job done. Bill Maher lays it on the line (found via Middle of Nowhere).

Our lack of a national health system leaves us more vulnerable not only to death as individuals but also to epidemics. But maybe we can put that fact to productive use.

Dan Gilgoff suggests four ways that the growth of secularism could change American politics.

Genetic analysis sheds light on India's history. It strikes me that applying the same techniques elsewhere might demolish quite a few cherished national myths.

Elephants "talk" via low-frequency ground vibrations that humans can't hear (found via Mendip).

Science Daily has interesting info on whale evolution.

Dr. Brian Druker, head of cancer research at OHSU and developer of gleevec, is giving a lecture next month with the startling title "The end of cancer is within reach". I may go, if my hand isn't giving me too much trouble.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

That piece in Science Daily was good! "Origin of Cetaceans" ... and I absolutely love that picture of Eocene(walking whale)be great for a wall piece! It's just fascinating imagining and hearing theories based on what folk's find of what this planet was like million's year's back. Some of the creature's bone's/fossil's just here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area alone has blown me away ... just imagining what this place was like at a time.At some point...this whole f'n area had to be a sea...and perhap's even a jungle at a point. A fantasy of mine would be to be able to see back in these time's...and even before,especially in some of the earliest stages of life ...from the sea on this globe...and the plant life.This evolution cycle the earth went through that is just everyday nature to scientist's, is just mind blowing to me ...and with technologies...we will even be able to obtain a hell of alot more info and just how far can we take it to visualize and create a view of past? Just imagine how many million's of year's it takes for some of these creature's to change form alone....and how long our species been evolving...since walking upright and before that.Just fascinating stuff period!

Thanx Guy.........

28 September, 2009 05:34  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I recommend Dawkins's new book The Greatest Show on Earth (just now reading it) -- lots of facinating info on evolution, focusing on how strong the evidence is for it.

28 September, 2009 05:50  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Yes...actually I was looking forward to getting that book next. Funny thing how you said "evidence", as far as finding evidence of evolution...even the scientist's like Dr.Dawkin's himself call it evidence,and I realize technically it is...but at this point in our history it is sad to actually have to prove to someone that we have what they expect as "evidence".Especially trying to prove to folk's that want to believe the earth is 10,000 year's old or less.Those are the people who we should be asking for "evidence"..... yet they are so quick to ask an evolutionist for evidence.

28 September, 2009 11:47  

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