28 September 2009

Abandoning the bipartisan delusion?

It's looking more and more like Democrats in both the House and the Senate are going to push health-care reform through on their own, with little or no Republican support -- because Republicans have relentlessly rejected all efforts at compromise, even those that would water down reform into meaninglessness.

And if it's going to be an all-Democrat show, then maybe -- just maybe -- we'll actually get real reform after all.


Blogger TomCat said...

To a Reoublican, bipartisanship means an even split right doen the middle: everything good for them, everything bad for us.

Thanks for the visit and comment. You're on my blog roll.

28 September, 2009 07:07  
Blogger Sue said...

Infidel I hope you are right, the dems need some backbone to push this through. Repugs are so desparate to stop it at all costs because they don't want a dem president to have achieved this remarkable reform, 50 years of waiting and finally WE CAN DO IT!!!

28 September, 2009 09:09  
Blogger by Michael Boh said...

I'm hoping the Dems pull it together and get an all Democratic bill - and a great success story. The kool-aid drinkers think they'll be able to run on our "mistakes," but I'm convinved the whole thing will come back to sink them. I'm hoping once again. :)

28 September, 2009 10:11  
Anonymous phuckpolitics said...

Democrats will still find a way to fuck it up.

28 September, 2009 11:27  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I alway's considered myself bipartisan...or what I call "universal"...and I know this President is for sure,but obviously bipartisanship doesnt work well in this point of our political evolution. I have voted in past mostly republican...but have alway's been liberal on issue's like choice,SS marraige, sexuality and so on.Actually some of my thought's though may be a little too out of whack for even liberal's...if they heard my idea's on mandatory abortion,sterilization,genetic engineering,and government sponsored suicide,etc...I know that republican's if they heard me and what my idea's actually are...they would run and hug a democrat and give thanx that someone like me isnt in charge of a damn thing. :)

BUT ... as I have posted and commented here before... I am strongly for a public option, and credit those hardline liberal's who stand up for it...and what happened to the initial public option idea...what's happening is as I posted some time ago...is that the focus is slowly turning away from it...we are getting "Snoweballed" period. And will end up if were not careful just saying later that something is better than nothing. I hardly havent heard nothing anymore about public option...which make's me think my initial statement's are becoming reality.I WANT A PUBLIC OPTION...period...anything else is just an insult to the American people's of working class...and especially to the poor and minority communitites. As far as Snowe is concerned...she's nothing but a hustler...and I wouldnt buy a box of GirlScout cookies from someone like her. The more they twist this crap and delay it...the less benefit any of this will be to working American's ... cause they will just twist it into a racket of some sort to where you get screwed anyway's. My fantasy government is to get rid of all of them we have and replace them with computer's...human representation is getting nauseating.


28 September, 2009 12:15  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

One more item I wanted to point out... if no public option is in the final plan ...all you had done...is give the few existing/controlling insurer power's another 50 million new client's...which is hundred's of billion's of profit's ... so if you think they run the show now because of their monitary influence...imagine what they will run with all that added money and confidence...and how many decade's will it take to clear up the new scam's they devise over the next few year's with their attorney's from that landslide victory? Understand ... that they have no problem with petty oversight and a few new rule's ... the only thig they are concerned with is one thing...and that's making law that them 50 millon new insured client's ...have to buy from them and they have NO COMPETITION what they are reformoing by taking their sweet ass time...is not for us...but to reform their revenue strategies to make more than they do now... and why shouldnt they be? after all...we will all be forced under any new reform to purchase insurance or be fined and penalized...that way they themselves can actually persecute us if we DONT buy their insurance.Their not dumb ... it is us who are dumb for supporting any of them, and being so dumb as to listen to any of this hogwash and thinking it's some kind of gift to us. Notice how much prime time commercial advertising just recently went to pharmacuetical,insurance and investment banking companies ... watch any tele network...and you cant go 10 minute's without hearing them tell you how great they are...playing lovely music in the background..and having average looking people speak of them as a god, even on our cable network's...the one's we have to pay for.

Thank You ......

28 September, 2009 12:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's hope so, Infidel.

28 September, 2009 14:13  
Blogger TomCat said...

Ranch Chimp, it's nice to meet a real conservative. I wondered if there were any of you left.

29 September, 2009 08:59  

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