24 October 2009

Link roundup for 24 October 2009

This personalized license plate seems pointless, but it was sure expensive (found via Mendip).

Jack Jodell has some ideas on what this country really needs.

This Guinness ad is cool (but beer is intelligently designed).

Keith Bardwell defends his actions. It doesn't help.

Some conservatives support sane drug laws (read this too).

An established Catholic educates a new convert: Yes, we really are that crazy; deal with it. They're reaching out to Anglicans, though.

Fear the coming rise of the hybrid people-eating super-serpents.

A Republican governor honors Harvey Milk, to predictable conservative outrage.

Hey guys, how would you like a job where you can approach any woman in public and order her to take her bra off and shake her breasts for you? Oh, and you can whip her too, if you're into that. Amazingly, such a job actually exists -- in one of the world's most religion-dominated countries (found via Counting Cats).

Common Dreams reviews the Jamie Leigh Jones case and where it implies conservatism wants to take us. The case is becoming a PR disaster for the Dirty Thirty, even in the South.

Russell Blackford has more on Oklahoma's vile new abortion-intimidation law, here and here.

Batteries not included: Go ahead, defenders of the health-care status quo, try to justify this. And this (more here).

Pelosi and Reid now seem to be getting the message on the public option -- and the CBO says it would reduce the deficit (sent by Ranch Chimp). Public pressure may be helping. It's still needed.

Al Franken knows his stuff on health-care comparisons.

Elizabeth Pisani looks at prostitution and sex-trafficking hysteria in Britain.

Injuries associated with bike riding are getting more serious (hey, I should know).

As people live longer and longer, Leeds University in Britain is working on longer-lasting artificial joints.

Swedish and Italian scientists have developed a prosthetic hand that can actually feel (found via Mendip).


Blogger TomCat said...

Thanks Infidel. Great collection.

24 October, 2009 09:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Infidel, as always, you sure know how to find 'em.

Holy crap, that bust inspection story?! They what...? Stories like this turn me from a peace-lover to a gun-toting militant wanna-be.

But can I ask you to post a warning next time you link to The Anchoress blog? Thanks. Even brief accidental visits to her place are dangerous to my well-being. This is bat-s. crazy stuff, cloaked in that syrupy "benevolent" Catholic "God loves you, my child, repent!" message. The woman is like Dana Carvey's SNL (back in the 1990's -- or was it '80's?) "Church Lady," only without Carvey's humor or charm. Reading her writings fills one (i.e., me) with shivering evil (how ironic is that?). Can't stomach it. She is the religious equivalent of Ann Coulter, IMO.

24 October, 2009 14:12  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I agree with Tom Cat ... Great collection. Your weekly round up is like one of them weekly news zines that are popular on tele/cable...but more versatile, nice little collection's though!

That piece found by Mendip on the liscense plates just was hilarious...tryin to imagine what this person may feel who get's all those citation's.

This Bardwell fella in Louisiana, I read some briefly on in the week. I do think your right in your response on Ms.Elizabeth's blog though about his job being that he must perform his duties, I mean ... your paid to do a job. Other than that I dont knock the guy at all ... I mean .. he dont believe in or like race mixing. I reckon alot of folk's dont care much to race mix in America ...even though you will see a fair amount...I see most folk's with their own race as far as dating and marriage.I'm white male and mixed in my marriage, mixed kid's etc .. so it's just common to me I reckon ... beside's, ever since I was a kid...I dated so many different nationalities of women...it would take time for me just to remember them all I reckon.... I just like em all! :) Why he would try to explain himself? ... Reckon I dont know ... I mean...what's there to explain...that you dont like race mixing? Alot of folk's dont. No .. I dont think it hurt's the kid's at all to be frank ... maybe back in the 50's or something ... or in one of them town's where it still bother's folk's like perhap's whatever Louisiana town he is at...I'm only guessing.

The Anchoress on how sacred sperm is piece...I had to read twice and still dont understand it(you know how us Texan folk's are though, when it come's to edumacation's and such)I remember I gal year's ago that I dated ... who was christian upbringing, when I told her I masturbated ... she said it was wrong to waste the sperm or something ... hell...she didnt even like condom's ...reckon she was just lookin to get knocked up. I was reading a post online by a Scat Dominatrix ...who looked at her feces/excrement(for Texan's just plain-o-shit) as being sacred ...hell...the ole gal sounded like she wanted to package it and market it for distribution for that matter! Yum-Yum :)

The Counting Cathouses finding on "Whipped for wearing a Deceptive Bra" ... heh,heh,heh, heh, heh .... another silly excuse for these fella's to incorporate their fetishes into law.I noticed that in some of those countries. They seem to make law through religious culture all these law's that just make the women have to cater to their bondage fantasies of flogging or setting them on fire or whatever popular BDSM thing they can conjure up I reckon. I'm just wondering if they have one of them dominatrix countries...where the man can play slave...and be sex slave's and whipping post's for the gal's? Yep, I'm fixin to renew my passport! :)

Later Guy............

24 October, 2009 14:17  
Blogger commoncents said...

Great post! Keep up the excellent work!


ps. Link Exchange?

24 October, 2009 14:49  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Elizabeth -- To me the "inspection" story just shows the nature of puritanical religion. It's like the Catholic-priest child-molestation scandals. When healthy sexuality is repressed, it will erupt in unhealthy and dangerous forms.

I think this is the first time I've linked to the Anchoress. That kind of stuff can unhinge the mind. It's important to remember that it's out there, though.

RC -- With all the years I spent studying comparative religion, I do understand the background beliefs behind this weird Catholic obsession with sperm, but trust me, it still isn't any less insane than it looks.

Many religious authoritarians throughout history have used their position to force their own pervesions and obsessions on other people while claiming to be doing the work of virtue. It's part of the appeal of religious power, I think.

24 October, 2009 15:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Infidel, I used to have an acquaintance who was very enthusiastic about The Anchoress and her blog, so I started to read it to find out what his enthusiasm was all about. You are right that it unhinges the mind. This is exactly how it felt. Semi-psychotic.

24 October, 2009 16:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

another silly excuse for these fella's to incorporate their fetishes into law

RC, this is a priceless observation. Right on target.

24 October, 2009 16:17  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Notice that in the Anchoress posting, despite all the big words and twisted logic, the guy's question boils down to "Can I be a good Catholic and still get blowjobs?" and her answer boils down to "No." Does it become morally acceptable if his wife spits afterwards and sticks the stuff where it could still "hit the target"? How low does the probability of conception have to be before an OK act becomes not-OK? How can any sensible person think that a being capable of creating the entire universe would be so obsessively concerned with judging such minute details of human behavior?

25 October, 2009 06:24  
Anonymous Hugo Grinebiter said...

Just one thing I did like on the Anchoress page: she is correct that "the wisdom of the Orient" gets a free pass. I just approach it from the opposite angle, namely: Woo is woo, con-men are con-men wherever and whenever they are. The priestly racket is the same in Memphis on the Nile as in Memphis on the Mississippi.

25 February, 2010 11:34  

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