11 October 2009

Parody corner

Remember that amazingly-stupid, endlessly-parodied "storm coming" ad against gay marriage? Here's the latest rendition, taking on the current teabagger panic at the ghastly prospect of being offered affordable health insurance. As rightists scour the political landscape in search of new sharks to jump, that ad may become the paradigmatic template for highlighting their inability to make sense.

Readers have most likely seen that interactive, preposterous One Nation under God painting which has been making the rounds. There's already an improved version with actual quotes from the historical figures. For those who prefer to cut straight to the End Times, there's this.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

One of the picture's I have on my living room wall ...is a picture of the Jesus figure standing in front of the New York Stock Exchange Bldg. I titled it simply ..."Jesus Christ CEO of Christianity,Inc." :)

12 October, 2009 05:02  
Blogger TomCat said...

But Dang, Infidel!! If them gays mate, they might have librul kids. ;-)

12 October, 2009 08:17  

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