10 October 2009

Link roundup for 10 October 2009

Utah leads the nation in internet-porn consumption (found via Oliver Willis) -- it's Satan's doing, apparently.

Middle of Nowhere has some fun odds and ends, including a Republican calendar.

Limbaugh has a new gig.

I'll skip this adopt-a-liberal program, thanks.

Маяковский looks at Russian characters in American comics (found via Mendip).

The perpetually-offended people.....are offended.

Bill Maher comments on France (found via Prash).

I think I've found yet another book I need to read (and the author, Ilkka Pyysiäinen, must have some pretty advanced academic credentials just to be able to spell his own name).

The Portland Police Bureau has a video challenging the culture of silence on crime.

It's not only insurance companies that kill sick people -- religious quackery gets the job done too.

I can't be bothered to have an opinion about Obama's Nobel Prize, but here's a comment thread (read this too).

Olbermann lays the real issues on health-care reform on the line (found via Politics Plus). More on the horrors of our current system here.

There's a big difference between a free market and "corporate Communism".

Andrew Sullivan has some reminders of the mentality we're up against. On a related note, this is obviously cherry-picking -- I could easily answer all the questions, and most people I know could answer most of them -- but these people do exist.

While the conservative (by European standards) governments of France and Poland have protested against Polanski's arrest in Switzerland, Britain's leftist Guardian newspaper (and most of its commenters) have a different view (found via Middle of Nowhere).

On the celebrities downplaying Polanski's child-rape seemingly on the grounds that artists should be exempt from normal moral rules, I wrote a comment on Elizabeth's post above saying that "eventually the Polanski defenders will cut out the baloney and just declare that rape is an art form." Well, read this. And why don't those celebrities do something useful?

Here are some highlights from the Atheist Alliance International convention. More next year, in Australia.

Politics Plus and Middle of Nowhere look at that Conservapedia project for a new right-wing version of the Bible.

The arrest of a jihadist in France suggests that religious terrorists may be targeting the nuclear industry.

Here are some links on the Muslim-Nazi connection.

This could be a useful insight into cancer, but the main thing that struck me about it that there is such a thing as the Journal of Fish Disease. Truly there's a magazine for every interest!

The real bigfoot was French.

British scientists are making progress on brain-computer interfacing (found via Mendip).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Infidel, I have some phone calls to return today (I.Hate.Phone.Calls. Which is too bad, since it's part of my job, sigh.), so can't explore all the links in your post yet, but went to the one on "The Rape Tunnel" and gasped. What a weird story. Geez, whose idea of journalistic fun was that?

10 October, 2009 12:21  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I hate phones too (I'm moderately hearing-impaired and they're difficult for me -- luckily everyone I know is on e-mail). Ah, well, the links will keep. As for the tunnel story, I see it as just one more step in the desperate escalation that "artists" engage in to get attention.

10 October, 2009 15:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, that makes two of us, Infidel. I have a partial hearing loss after the brain surgery (and it is likely progressing), though, of course, my neurodocs maintain that there is no reason (that they know) for it. Besides, talking on the phone is such a chore. Talking in general is a chore for an introvert, LOL.

I will get to the rest of the links later, possibly tonight; but that "Rape Tunnel" turned out to be a hoax, no? Ugh anyway.

10 October, 2009 15:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brain-to-brain communication is fascinating. And a bit scary, knowing how eager we are to apply technological advances to unsavory ends. But still, pretty amazing.

And this:

many people are talking about porn in Utah. David Clark Jr. of Provo said, “I believe that since this is the true church Satan works harder on members.”

is priceless.

Really, Satan works harder on church members? That confuses me. So if I don't have a porn addiction, is it a good or a bad thing? I guess bad, because I'm not worthy/noble enough for Satan's attention. Drats.

Gonna get me some addiction. Or start going to church. Better yet, both.

11 October, 2009 00:56  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Join a Satanist church (they do exist). Then you'll be protected either way. :-) After all, if Satan is powerful enough to turn all those Mormons into porn hounds, then his church must be the true one, right?

11 October, 2009 02:04  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Evening Mr.Infidel!

Well..."morning" for some I reckon,it's 4:13am here on the ranch...but evening for me ... on this chilly Dallas night.I have some tamales home made I just bought off the street in the Barrio earlier this evening that really hit the spot ...tamale street sales are big thru january in this town...plus it's extra money for familia's!

Thanx especially for the "Crossed Pond" posting on "corporate communism" ... man oh man...did that one touch home!I am also one of the former right leaning pro business folk's for year's...that had JUST recently woke up in the last few year's on where this crap is leaning...and had to start voting left...just to try to have a snowball's chance in hell of trying to stop this takeover crap, because the GOP seem's to be just gulping it down more and more these day's like a free buffet.I cant believe how many people(especially on the right) that have actually been conned by this crap.Plus I am glad to have found Mark Ames through this posting... I did not know of him.I dont think I heard anyone sum it up so well in just a couple minute's as this man did...I really need to link into this man's site...no doubt. His talk makes Michael Moore look mild!But I need to hear more from this guy!And the posting itself was an excellent piece!

The PDX PD cold case story is one that hit's home all across America.The whole dont snitch has became part of inner city American culture it seem's...thru fear/intimidation, as well as educating children to be this way in communtities.So many folk's do this because they are low income...and basically feel helpless...you fear the thug's that run shit in the hood...you also fear the "law" as well ... in their reality they never know who to trust.As I pointed out in an earlier comment...I witnessed my first murder I guess at around 10/11? or so... a man in a NE city was pulled off of a brownstone tenament step's,his head held over a sewer drain...with at least 2 dozen witnesses standing around watching...and his skull beaten in with a hammer until pieces of it broke off and insides of the skull into the drain opening ... a fella about 35 or so...that knew me...walked me away and told me to forget what I saw...I was young and scared...and didnt say a word. I later heard that the man killed was killed for being a "stool pidgeon"(snitch) and ratted on someone involved with organized crime...I'll just leave it at that. But when you witness similar as a child...it has a long lasting impact on how you respond later in life to these thing's...believe me.These cop's like that PDX detective who actually work and solve these cold cases...are incredible...and have to really have alot of patience I reckon, especially on something 20 year's old....too many cop's in cities brush off these cases,especially where victim's may be low income.

The Times Online piece was good...about the nuke engineer arrested for link's to al Qaeda, and I am so glad to hear that this is being really looked at closely. As you may have seen some of my earlier posting on terror and sabotage...you can see ... I have been expecting this crap for sometime...and really hope that intell stay's on top of this and does not wait for another incident comparable in size to 9?11 before it wake's up to what these folk's may have up their sleeve's. These terrorist's in my opinion...have been too goddamn quiet...and I DO NOT trust this one bit...I know goddamn well ... they have some big plan's up their sleeve's...and you know damn well that the airport thing wont work...even the recent terror attempt at FountainPlace Tower here in Dallas...the suspected terrorist didnt want to do DFW Intl or Lovefield Airport's ... simply because the security was too tight. And like I wrote last year...I know goddamn well they have nuke facilities on their mind's, and also bio-chem fantasies,germ's,etc. And everybody know's it...they just hate to think it...but we better start thinking it...that's for sure! Anywayz....that bust was a great pinch!

Thanx Guy ...have a good un....

11 October, 2009 02:56  

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