17 October 2009

Where there is no Second Amendment

If there's one place where the effects of gun control can be clearly observed, that place must surely be Britain. Over the last few years, Britain's gun-control laws have been tightened until they are among the strictest in the world, guaranteeing that muggers, rapists, burglars, and suchlike can operate with assurance that their law-abiding prey will be unarmed.

In London, gun crime has risen 17% over last year. This increase cannot be dismissed as merely part of a general rise in crime rates, since overall crime rates in London actually fell over the same period -- there were 30 fewer homicides, for example, and a 4.7% fall in knife crimes (not due to a ban on private knife ownership, presumably). No, it's gun crime specifically that rose, while crime in general was decreasing.

The article does note that rape and residential burglary have increased. I have a very strong suspicion that this trend would quickly turn around if the rapists and burglars knew that large numbers of women and home-owners had guns.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

This is a damn good posting Mr.Infidel...and I am sure you know that I have been with the NRA for almost a few decade's,grew up with gun's actually. And you hit the nail on the head when it come's to the mentality of the habitat career burglar or even the rapist, or that one that just get's a hair up their ass one night to go down to the corner 24/7 store and pick up a couple hundred buck's for a night on the town, or even sometime's just for the adrenaline rush of it.I have spent alot of time in the street's guy(and behind bar's)...around these folk's who indulge in these act's...and rest assured you are exactly correct on that mindset.Because if they even suspect that a person may be armed...you can bet with confidence,they will find another score to take down.The idea of jail doesnt bother them as much either...because so many look at jail as a kind of place where they retreat to every few year's or so anywayz...and hook up with long lost homies/friend's for all the lowdown,new score's,game's and connection's.

Thanx ............

17 October, 2009 10:17  
Blogger TomCat said...

I support the second amendment, but believe that training in their safe use should be required as we have for driving a car. In that way, fewer criminals would own guns taken from victims.

17 October, 2009 10:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC -- I know if I were a criminal, I would never attack somebody I thought might have a gun, when I could choose someone who didn't.

TC -- I'm all for safety training, and for laws to keep people with criminal records from having guns, just as we take away drivers' licenses from people who show that they can't drive safely. At the same time, we have to realize that criminals, by definition, don't obey laws, and that we can only expect non-criminals to obey gun-control laws.

17 October, 2009 16:11  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

In Texas for instance...anyone can just buy a gun and have it in the home...however...if you want a concealed weapon permit to carry in public...you are required to take so many hour's of training at one of the gun range course site's. I have never took the course...but have frequented the range for practice(moving target combat range's)...never had a permit...but frequently carried a gun concealed in public...yes...technically it is illegal for me to do so.


17 October, 2009 19:51  
Blogger TomCat said...

Infidel, I lived in New York City when it was illegal to own a gun there without a permit. Almost everyone I knew owned one. Local laws are uninforceable, as criminals can always go elsewhere for guns. Requiring training would only help limit criminals' access to them.

20 October, 2009 15:25  

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