14 October 2009

Letting them get away with it

As the defenders of the health-care status quo launch an all-out campaign to panic the public against reform, Jon Stewart takes a look at the MSM's effectiveness at fact-checking their claims. It's no wonder this guy is now America's most-trusted newsman.


Blogger TomCat said...

That's not so of Olbermann and Maddow, but otherwise, I agree.

14 October, 2009 08:11  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I loved that Stewart video! Had me on a goddamn roll!! :)

Thanx Guy ............

14 October, 2009 12:18  
Blogger Jack Jodell said...

Thanks for sharing that hilarious segment. Like Bill Maher, he cuts right to the chase and thoroughly skewers bullshit with sarcastic humor. His point about CNN is right on the money: all they ever present is conflict and argument on every show, and speakers are always cut short by the desperate need to cut to 3 1/2 minutes of commercials every 3 minutes. Ted Turner has to be ashamed of what that once-great network has devolved into. Cable/satellite news in general is shortchanging this country badly. They only allow 2 sides to every presentation and they only skim the surface on everything. No wonder we elect goofs like Bush II and Michele Bachmann!

15 October, 2009 16:51  

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