06 October 2019

Link round-up for 6 October 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

Best wishes to Bernie Sanders for a speedy recovery.

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Debra She Who Seeks serves up more pun-ishment.

Have some cat cartoons and a few jokes.

Explore the wide world of incompetence.

Jenny_o presents animal mayhem.

Have a Trump sandwich.

Monica Lewinski offers to help with the impeachment.

The seasonal fascination with pumpkins is getting out of hand.

Skeletons, skeletons everywhere!

A genuinely scary Halloween display here.  Creepy sounds for your Halloween here.

RO looks at parking problems, cruise ships, migraines, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Americans are better at truck breeding.

Ice-bound Finnish trees look like something from another world.

It's October!  Make sure your shoes are worthy.

The BBC is doing a new adaptation of The War of the Worlds, and it looks like this version may finally have gotten it right.  It's set in the correct time period, anyway.

Tour the Colon Orchards, a much nicer place than it sounds.

Sometimes compassion isn't easy.

Here are some of the real stories behind UFOs.

Take a closer look at a classic image of mortality.

Conspiracy nutters discover Madonna.

We don't need God.

Trump is giving political cartoonists a lot of material to work with.

The true story of the murder of Rasputin is rather different from what you've heard.

Gore Vidal got it right about religion.

These people exist.  They vote, too.

Should a writer read?

Trump resembles a B-movie villain, but still has some work to do to qualify as an Evil Overlord.

A-ha is not happy about Trump's campaign ripping off their classic video.

Nan's Notebook has a discussion on why religion is weakening in the US.

Greta Thunberg is obviously stupid.

Here's an asshole on a train (found via a comment by John Zande on Ben's blog).

I don't think this is what "love" means.

At least 1,700 Catholic priests credibly accused of child abuse are still working closely with children (and this appears to be just within the US).

Know the enemy -- leftists should pay attention to Fox.  As for the rest of the wingnutosphere, Green Eagle has it covered.

Religio-wingnut cops in Tennessee forcibly baptize a woman taken captive at a traffic stop.  Lawsuit!

Republicans actually said these things.

Corporations need to prioritize.

Demons, evil spirits, diabolical influences -- what century is this?

Here's how the whistleblower story is being spun in the wingnutosphere.

Cloak Unfurled takes a nuanced look at the Amber Guyger case.

It astounds me that millions believe that this tortuous gibberish describes the underlying reality of the universe.  Besides, eating flesh and drinking blood is gross and disgusting.

The IRS audits the poor, not the rich.

Live by the Trump, die by the Trump.

Somebody's working very hard to suppress this book.

A Mississippi town bans religious nutters from harassing people outside its abortion clinic; religious nutters get in a snit.  (I have some experience with this stuff myself.)  And the courts have blocked the wingnuts' most extreme forced-birth laws.

On sex work, full decriminalization is the best option.

Cast your vote based on logic, not trivia.

A former "gender studies scholar" admits people in the field are basically making stuff up.

Today marks the start of the Catholic Church's Amazon synod (I discussed its significance here).  With any luck, when the synod ends three weeks from now, the world's largest religious sect will be lurching toward a full-blown schism.

The truth is the truth even if it makes people unhappy.

Do you know someone like this?

Hundreds of young trans people are trying to get "gender reassignment surgery" reversed.

Darwinfish 2 calls upon Republicans to show some courage.

Progress Pond ventures into the Trumpanzee doublethink bubble.

Could it happen here?  Look at history.

A state of war is not a prerequisite for a charge of treason.

Some Evangelicals have other concerns than the expected.

If there had been intelligent life on Earth before humans, how would we know?

The effects of ketamine can help us understand "near-death experiences" (found via Mendip).

Apparently the existence of intelligent aliens is unacceptable to Catholic theology, which could get a bit awkward if they ever, you know, actually visit us.  Some of the comments have to be seen to be believed.

Humans are a weak and underdeveloped species; we rule the world via our unique power of language.

Ireland is inaugurating the PĂșca Festival to celebrate the "birthplace of Halloween" (homepage here).  Of course, certain people aren't happy.

Dunkirk, France has a simple plan to increase bus usage.

Trump's manipulations in Ukraine may already have cost lives.

Amazon is collaborating with Trump's vendetta against Iran, harming the pro-freedom forces there.

Modi claims all of India's villages now have access to toilets, but the claim is disputed.

Hindu extremists have been carrying out violent attacks on Christians in India, with police apparently siding with the attackers.  I haven't seen anything about this in secular media, but it's widely reported on Christian sites.

Hong Kong authorities have banned masks during protests.  It's not helping.

Trump is more deserving of removal, and less likely to be removed, than any previous president threatened with impeachment.  Ezra Klein makes a case for impeachment even if it can't remove him.

FiveThirtyEight explores why black voters prefer moderate candidates over radicals.

Trump is angry and frightened, making him more dangerous than ever.

If you're tired of those 2016 electoral maps showing most of the country (underpopulated areas) colored red, this map gives a more realistic picture.

How might senators vote in an impeachment trial?

After Trump is out of power, never let his supporters obfuscate their complicity.

More links here.

[Image at top:  Monastery of St. Michael, Kiev, Ukraine -- photo taken by me when I was there in 2007]


Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I hope that woman who was forcibly baptized wins her lawsuit. Wth kind of nonsense is that? I can hardly wrap my head around that. He should lose his job too.

There's a reason I have never had a cat and I think those meme's just validated everyone of my reasons. lol

06 October, 2019 08:50  
Blogger Lady M said...

Wow Infidel753, all I can say is thanks again for the links. You are so generous to share your multitude of readers with me.

06 October, 2019 09:01  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love Monica Lewinsky's tweet! It wins the internet!

06 October, 2019 09:08  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: She should. That's an unbelievable abuse of authority. It's shocking what these arrogant religious nuts think they're entitled to do.

Lady M: Thanks for your posts! You have some really good stuff.

Debra: For that, she should win the internet.

06 October, 2019 09:35  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

"After Trump is out of power, never let his supporters obfuscate their complicity."

Agreed. Which is why, according the blogger and podcast host Driftglass, we have to "burn the lifeboats"--make sure that the stain and shame of Trump sticks to them. And it must not just be Trump's supporters, but also those who, back in 2016, kept up the line of nonsense that Hillary Clinton would have been worse than Trump and that there was a "liberal" case for Trump (to use the title of a noxious essay written by one Walker Bragman).

06 October, 2019 10:46  
Blogger Lady M said...

Wow super festival in Ireland. I can't wait to go! The thing about the IRS makes me sick.

06 October, 2019 17:44  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel,

Just a few comments before I get bleary-eyed.

If more students got first hand job experience in school, there would be a lot less truancy.

Why do cats get better customer service than humans do?

I'm sure the Twitler sandwich is as stale as his side show.

I never liked Monica Lewinsky, but even I have to admit she is a true patriot.

Those Finnish trees are amazing! I expected icicles, not a scene from a science fiction movie.

Why is the BBC so much better at TV than we are?

Does Colon Orchard self-fertilize?

I'll come back tomorrow to peruse the rest of the links. In the meantime, I hope you and your readers had a happy National Taco Day (shouldn't it be on a Tuesday?). Don't tell anyone, but I hate tacos! Anything with chili powder in it tastes like dirt to me. Hate me if you must.

06 October, 2019 23:08  
Blogger RO said...

No one can ever, ever go wrong with cat funnies, and I thank you once again! Happy Monday, adn hope you're feeling well! Hugs, RO

07 October, 2019 03:56  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Marc: Exactly. They can't be allowed to get away with re-branding themselves and consigning Trump to the memory hole. From now on, American conservatism is Trumpism.

Lady M: It sounds like it's going to be an annual event. There's almost too much there to take in in just three days.

Nonnie: The far north is like a whole different world sometimes. Those trees are strange.

Why is the BBC so much better at TV than we are?

Because they're British!!!

Not a big fan of tacos, but at least they aren't pumpkin-spiced (I hope that's still true).

RO: Thanks! Cats are still the flagship species of the internet.....

07 October, 2019 17:47  
Blogger jenny_o said...

Thanks again for linking to my blog, Infidel. The number of visitors you're sending me is astounding. Animal memes seem to appeal to a lot of folks :)

The Monica Lewinsky tweet is fierce! Unfortunately, I bet even that wouldn't convince the Republicans to impeach . . .

09 October, 2019 17:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Jenny_o: Thanks for your posts! We can all use some humor, especially in these times.

If Lewinsky went through with that, she'd deserve a medal.

10 October, 2019 09:45  
Blogger RO said...

Debra's shoe funny is out of this world and so fun, and yes, there are a few of them that I would definitely wear!(lol) Hugs and Happy Saturday! RO

12 October, 2019 07:41  

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