23 October 2016

Link round-up for 23 October 2016

If you've got a few bucks to spare, a blogger could use some help.

Wingardium levisofa!

Never stop learning.

I'm guessing they've come to steal Earth's supply of genitalia.

It looks like a magic cookie, but.....

The neighbors think we need cheering up.

This Japanese beach glows with beautiful blue radiance.

Yeah, right, like that would ever happen.

Religion leads to dumb letter-writing.

To any foreign readers -- I endorse this sentiment.

Republican forum Race42016 is having a contest to predict the Electoral College.  Here's my entry.

No Jesus, no peace?

Pussy grabs backTake him down.

A new film celebrates a special category of atheists.

Benjamin Franklin has a wise message for us.

Trump can't read this, but.....

An atheist convention is shut down by violent religious thugs.

Most people who eat chicken have no idea what's behind it.

Trump is poetic justice for Republicans.  His name has become so toxic that even his hotels are dumping it.

Here's a Halloween-style explanation of being a Christian.

Some good news -- the public puts a lot of trust in scientists.

HB2 is not doing much for the North Carolina Governor's social life.

Fifty North American tribes unite against tar-sands pipelines.

Trump speaks of bringing back torture -- remember what that means.

Commentary and FiveThirtyEight have lengthy but interesting posts on what went wrong with the Republican party.  Jonah Goldberg simply laments the disaster.

Are Apple stores really this bad?

Never put your trust in a Christian ministry -- they will always betray you in the end.

After Mosul is liberated, there will be another challenge.

"Er, maybe we should give Garland a chance?"

Bush I and John McCain could give Trump lessons in losing gracefully.

After Obama leaves the Presidency, he'll be working on another vital project.

Trump's appeal for poll watchers isn't getting much response, but here's what to do if you run into them.

Jan Brewer offers a challenge.

Green Eagle has a guide to California propositions.

David French is still being viciously harassed for having considered running against Trump.

Many a family harbors an unspoken gender gap.

Prospects for the Senate look promising.

Republicans still have no clue how to stave off post-Trump collapse.

[Image at top:  My idea of a fine day]


Blogger Paul Wartenberg said...

Thank you, as always, for the links Infidel.

23 October, 2016 05:57  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Okie dokie, now I know what I am going to do all day.

23 October, 2016 13:41  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

I always enjoy the scope and depth of your selections! Another good day of reading. Thank you so much!

23 October, 2016 13:54  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

I agree with the sentiment of all the people involved in that Canadian campaign - you guys (Americans) are great! I met lots of cool people both times I visited your country, and have been fortunate to meet more than a few Americans over here too. (And yes, I'd imagine many of you would be quite embarrassed about Trump right now, just as many of us here Down Under were about our illustrious leader, Tony Abbott (the suppository of all wisdom himself!), during his (mercifully brief) reign!)

You've gotta love nutty religious letter writers - there've been more than a few in my own neck of the woods that have kept me entertained over the years. One was a doctor with the rather appropriate surname of Pain, who was fond of fulminating against euthanasia in the letters pages of the local rag. He took particular issue with people referring to it as "mercy killing" - there was nothing merciful about it, he'd thunder, given that anyone who requested it for themselves was guaranteed a one-way trip to Hell, where they'd experience infinitely worse pain and suffering than that which they'd sought to escape in this life, FOREVER! MUHAHAHAHAHA! (OK, he didn't give the evil laugh at the end, but he might as well have.) He also once took issue with someone using the common and harmless phrase "to hell and back" because there was no coming back from Hell! No, the only way to get out of Hell was avoid going there in the first place, which one could only do by accepting Jesus Christ as one's personal lord and saviour blah blah blah etc etc ad nauseam. Yeah, he was a real barrel of laughs (I'm pretty sure he was a creationist too).

24 October, 2016 05:22  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks everyone! Zosimus, I'm glad to hear some others still have a positive view of us -- and I'm determined to see us validate that view by delivering a resounding defeat to Mr. Trump in just over two weeks. We need to show the world we haven't gone crazy over here.

I wonder if your Tony Abbott is any relation to our Greg Abbott, turbo-wingnut Governor of Texas, one of several Republicans here to whom the title "the suppository of all wisdom" (I love that!) could also be applied.

At least if Dr. Pain was a prolific letter-writer, potential patients could be duly warned and take their business elsewhere. I would dread getting into the hands of a doctor like that, though I think professional-ethics rules must be making them more and more rare these days.

24 October, 2016 06:22  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Yes, I've often wondered myself if there's any family connection between our embarrassing Abbott and yours - it amuses me that there're two inept politicians with that surname around!

After leaving that comment about Dr Pain, I actually did a Google search of his name (to see if he was still around - I don't think I've seen a letter to the paper from him for quite some time now), and discovered that he'd had a bunch of scientific papers published through my old alma mater, Adelaide University. Seems a bit sad really - that such an obviously intelligent man would believe the sort of fundamentalist rot he regularly espoused (and yes, as I also discovered when looking him up, he was indeed a creationist).

Re doctors with disturbing beliefs, there's an Australian blogger (who I think I've mentioned here once or twice before) that'd seem to fit that description. Thankfully, he practices in another city, which is just as well since he's espoused some very disturbing ideas on his blog; among other things, he really doesn't like LGBT folk (he seems to be one of those people who still believe you can "pray the gay away"), and he's also a big fan of various slimy PUA bloggers who advocate the use of abusive tactics in relationships. He actually once came across as halfway reasonable, but he's since drunk the neoreactionary Kool-Aid and is now thoroughly unhinged, believing that the aforementioned fringe political system is the only thing that can "save" Western civilization. A very strange and scary individual! Oh, and he's a Trump fan too (of course).

25 October, 2016 08:32  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Zosimus: People who are scary weirdos in one way often seem to be so in multiple ways. I guess it's all symptoms of some underlying personality disorder.

27 October, 2016 17:57  

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