16 October 2016

Link round-up for 16 October 2016

Cat the brush.

Noah should have skipped one animal (found via Squatlo).

Trump will be remembered with honor.

This Russian house is ready for Halloween.  Ranch Chimp looks back at Halloween in the old days.  And here's a Halloween explanation of trickle-down (found via Squatlo).

Smallest car ever?

This is Timgad, a Roman colony in what is now Algeria.

Pussy grabber or rabbit protector?

Here's a tree that grows 40 kinds of fruit.

This is NGC 247.

We can't vote for her, she's crooked!

Nonnie9999 channels Mary Poppins on Trump.  His bullshit is ruining his business.  And most men agree that his remarks in the Billy Bush recording are beyond the pale.  But his son takes after him.

Check out these 19 beautiful bookstores in our own country (found via Mendip).

See prize-winning National Geographic photos (click to enlarge).

Censorship is still censorship no matter who's advocating it.

A small graphic illustrates something of the Trumpanzee mentality.

Wikileaks/Russia is getting sloppy, but Trump's ties with Russia are still a serious concern.

No prayers, please.

Trump losing with womenThere's a solution.  And maybe the Republican symbol needs an update.

The FBI has thwarted a planned terrorist attack in Kansas.

A Republican responds to my question about the future.

These Trumpanzees are taking a stand against intimidation.

The gap in life expectancy between the US and other developed countries is growing.

Yes, some of these nutbars are still seriously opposing birth control.

Belief has trouble coping with logic.

Warren Buffett schools Trump on taxes.

Just imagine if this guy looked Middle Eastern.

Anti-vaxxers don't understand how science works.

The Confederate flag isn't the only thing that represents heritage.

Pope Francis is no friend of gays.

An Irish legislator gives the Catholic Church the respect it deserves.

Dmitry Agarkov gave a bank a taste of its own medicine.

Facing defeat, Dâ'ish (ISIL) have begun fighting among themselves.

What is it with religion and stampedes?

The Bhutan-India border doesn't have much room for a wall.

It's now possible for an artificial hand to have a sense of touch.

Spiders can hear you.

President Obama speaks out on technology.

Here's a look at the mentality of Trump enablers.

Reality-denial is engulfing the whole right wing.  One of those fueling it is Twitter twit Bill Mitchell.

Trump is destroying the Republican party (found via Hackwhackers).  Fareed Zakaria agrees.  Ed Kilgore thinks he's destroying the Christian Right too (found via You Might Notice a Trend).  It may be that Republicans couldn't have stopped him -- not after they spent years feeding the "swamp of crazy".

Who is really the snake here?

A panel of Trump experts analyzes his latest antics.

Green Eagle has some background on the accusations against Bill Clinton.

Michelle Obama and Trumpanzees -- poles apart in class.

Putin has good reasons to oppose Hillary's Presidency.

The viciousness at Trump rallies has historical roots (powerful video!).  And Trumpanzees are now raging at the media.  They may even be becoming a cult.  Here's a sample of the crazy that's out there.

Considering Gary Johnson?  Check out his positions.

The oldest and ugliest bigotry of all is taking root in Trump's camp.  Neo-Nazis like what they hear from him.  Some Evangelical women don't.

PM Carpenter responds to Erick Erickson on the Republicans' future.

Former nuclear launch officers issue a statement on Trump.

Here's why we need a landslide.

[Image at top:  mountains on Pluto]


Blogger Paul Wartenberg said...

Infidel, did I give you that link on the Christian Right? I don't recall ever reading that article. :/

I'm actually heartbroken I haven't written anything good for your round-ups the last two weeks. I know I'm not doing anything at the level of an Alexandria Petri or Owen Ellickson (his Trump Dialogues should be committed to book format and placed in the archives), but I'm a bit distracted getting NaNoWriMo set up for the Lakeland region. (shameless writing plug here)

16 October, 2016 07:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I thought it was a link in one of your posts. Maybe I'm mistaken. Gets difficult sometimes keeping track of where I found stuff.

Don't worry if you don't show up in the round-ups -- it's very much a chance thing what I include, and every week I go through two or three periods of being so turned off by politics that I don't keep anything political at all.

16 October, 2016 09:09  
Blogger Paul Wartenberg said...

Well, counter tracking wise, I'm sitting pretty this month because I posted a Florida General Election ballot reminder for 2016 and it is BLOWING UP the chart. My 2012 one did too. It's awesome. I get people from JAPAN looking for it.

Now if I can just get them to buy my books... /long sigh

16 October, 2016 10:06  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Ohhh man ... that little cat loves that brush, eh? ... I love them little guys, whenever I play around their head, neck, ears ... I cant get rid of them ... love playing with them little guyz! {:-) ... (dogs the same ... actually I had my snakes to where they would slide back and forth through my hands and fingers to play too, also had a few pet rats and lizards for play)

Beautiful photo of the mountains of Pluto on the heading ... incredible what we are able to view these dayz, in comparison to when I was a child in grammar school and what simple stuff fascinated me at that time!

Funny how we look at a sentence and image, and get our own individual ideas of what it is ... example here ... when you said that Noah should have skipped one animal ... I laughed and thought, it must be the 'human'. Then I look at the cartoon and see the Woodpecker, and first think, that is what some African Americans see as the hazards of having 'peckerwoods' (white people) in control. But, I reckon ole Noah would say that "Animals Lives Matter", eh? {:-)

Must say I thought the house in Rural Russia was unique with its art ... my first thought would have been Roswell,NM though.

I like the "trickledown- or- treat" explanation ... that's how our politicians view us when they explain their twisted rubbish ... as children that will suck it up.

One of my favourites here has to go to Dimitry (or Dmitry?) Agakov ... great move on the financial firm ... and inspirational story.

Yeah ... imagine if that guy on the plane was a middle easterner, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... a real freak out would have occurred! {:-) ... folks love their phones, in flames or not, makes me think of that Elvis tune ... "Burning Love"

National Geographic photographer collection ... awesome!

Fascinating pieces on the tree that grows 40 fruits and NGC247 ... I have alwayz been puzzled and wondered ... if there is an edge or end to the universe, what is after that? ... and after that? ... I'll never understand I guess. Wouldnt surprise me though of the fruit tree thing, although I never heard of it before, we are learning to do much.

Unique looking bookstores of America ... but fitting as well, a bookstore should be a place of comfort to the senses.

Later Infidel ....

16 October, 2016 10:31  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Thanks for all the linky goodness, Infidel, including for the one to The Raisin. I just enjoyed a tour through those amazing bookstores. How sad that there are so few left. I am so afraid to click on one of your links, because I wind up clicking on more. I read about the robotic hand and then clicked on a story about ALS patients being able to type 6 words a minute with a brain implant. I should wait until later in the day to read your link compilations, because I never get anything else done!

16 October, 2016 11:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Paul: Careful, the wingnuts will claim we're rigging the election by letting the Japanese vote.

Ranch: A year ago Pluto was just a blurry dot to our best instruments. Now it's a world. Those mountains are probably made of ice, by the way. It's cold enough there that ice is like rock, and the gravity is low enough that it can stand pretty high.

There's no edge to the universe, but it's not infinite. As for what's beyond, Stephen Hawking has some ideas about other universes -- but this one is quite big enough.

Nonnie: Certainly there's no shortage of stuff on the net. It keeps me occupied even though I've been home all day for over three weeks now.

17 October, 2016 10:22  
Anonymous Blurber said...

A lot of great photos (as usual) this week — too many to mention. Hope you're feeling better.

17 October, 2016 11:46  

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