13 July 2009

The links list

I've revised the links list a bit, deleting several links which go to sites that no longer exist or which aren't of as much interest as I originally thought. I also added two sites which I regularly read, Ron Chusid's Liberal Values and group blog The Crossed Pond (besides, the latter just added me). Both are frequently updated and consistently interesting.

I may be re-organizing it a bit too -- what I've always tried to do is group similar sites together, but in the course of almost three years the results have become somewhat haphazard. Maybe I'll try dividing it into sections.


Blogger mendip said...

I kinda like being "the anchor man"...

13 July, 2009 14:45  
Blogger ZIRGAR said...

Thanks for linking to my post on Palin. I appreciate it. My blogging will be lighter than usual this week since I'm going to be visiting friends and family back in West Virginia (explains how I was able to write that letter with such authenticity, eh? lol), but I should keep up on my Twitter feeds (I just added the Twitter feed to my blog yesterday) and should be back to blogging again next week. Peace. And thanks again!

14 July, 2009 00:37  

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