10 July 2009

Mini-roundup for 10 July 2009

There will not be the usual link rounup tomorrow because I will be out of town. Here are a few items:

You could win a vacation -- but there's a catch.

Zirgar has a friendly letter to Sarah Palin.

Looks like we have a positive ID on Vamp's sewer monster (found via Mendip).

If you have ads on your blog, read this.

The fight for gay marriage is going federal.

Mountain Sage debunks myths about the House energy bill.

Here's an instructive comparison of Massachusetts and Georgia.

Reconstitution 2.0 looks at Republican self-reliance and family values.

The Iranian uprising took to the streets again yesterday; NIAC and Saeed Valadbaygi have roundups. Better-than-usual MSM report here.

Britain's new overseas-intelligence chief suffers an embarrassing security breach.

Christianity in Europe may be watered-down compared with here, but the bigotry inherent in it still shines through.

NASA satellites provide new data on the thinning of Arctic sea ice.

Rapamycin shows promise in slowing aging in mice -- even those which are already "middle-aged" (for mice). More here, though the assessment strikes me as unduly negative.

Liberal Values has a couple of good postings on science and the right wing, here and here.


Blogger mendip said...

Excellent links - thanks! Love the one on GA versus MA!

10 July, 2009 15:24  
Blogger ZIRGAR said...

Again, thanks for linking to my blog on Palin. Aprecio grandemente!

14 July, 2009 00:47  

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