05 July 2009

The left and the political future

It is, of course, unlikely that the Republican party will completely collapse as an effective political force; parties have been in such dire straits before and bounced back, and given enough time the Republicans probably will too. But what if this really is the end? If the Democratic party is the only major national party remaining, where do we go from there?

Since the nature of our system and the sheer size of our country pretty much preclude a brand-new party getting big enough to count for anything, the most likely way for the two-party system to be restored would be a split in the Democratic party. Assuming that Republicans were no longer a factor, this would actually be healthy, because the Democratic party has some serious issues that need straightening out.

I strongly opposed Obama during the primaries because I did not believe he was a committed man of the left; and I think his record has at least partly vindicated that concern. Nor is the Democratic party a true party of the left, on many issues.

A true man of the left would not have wasted so much energy and political capital on reaching out the right. A true man of the left would not have embraced Rick Warren (a symbolic point, but a telling one). A true man of the left would not leave DADT twisting in the wind (the President does not negotiate with generals, he commands them). The list of such disappointments seems to grow longer every week; almost every left-wing blogger has written at least one posting on the subject.

A true party of the left would have tied the Wall Street bailouts to far stricter accountability and oversight; it would have harnessed the public fury over bonuses into political clout to pursue the guilty and enforce reforms, not tried to quash it. A true party of the left would fully support the liberal democracy of Israel against the fascist dictatorships and medieval theocracies ranged against it. A true party of the left would never tolerate illegal immigration which undercuts the prosperity of American workers (remember them?) and which, because it mostly comes from backward, conservative, religion-dominated societies, presents a long-term threat to liberal values in this country. It's quite natural that the Republicans represent the interests of the nanny-and-gardener-hiring class against the interests of people who must compete for construction jobs, but it's madness for Democrats to do the same.

These contradictions need to be brought out in the open, debated, and resolved. If we no longer need to circle the wagons against the right, they will be.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Interesting view. I know that the republican party is certainly dividing as we speak... and many as well are abandoning the party all together... and even embracing the democrat's even if they voted previously mostly republican. The reason why... at least with me(which I have done) is because the GOP is really getting bold... and are more anti-freedom and anti working class even than ever I can remember...the wealthy and the religious nut's has gotten more nutty and more wealthy and are turning away from the working classes even more than ever... and showing to be all BS... in my view, and far from individual freedom.I know several past voting republican Texan's that are so pissed... they would vote for a commi before a republican... and mostly because of this last administration, and where America has been going. I myself feel like the democrat's, are much more supportive of the working class than anyone, and definitely freedom. Despite how socail the republican's try to paint them, the republican's are taking us for a ride basically. But ... that's just me. Are any of these true left? or true right? Hell... I dont know anymore, or even see thing's as right or left for that matter... I just go with whatever I feel comfortable with, I'd like to see more work and less talk I reckon probably more than anything. This administration and Obama is exactly what I was expecting... and why I voted for him ... you could see long before he was nominated if you listened closely to him(which most didnt) that he was going to shake up the house... and more as he goes. Why I wanted this is because.... just to get a foot in folk's asses on the Hill, someone that truely wasnt left or right... and to just hit like a Panzer doing 80mph! Would it work? Hell,I dont know... I just wanted to see some head's turn... we were already up shit's creek to begin with between war's and economy... I figure it cant get any worse than what the last administration got us into anywayz. I have been more satisfied with Obama than I expected to be actually... I sure as hell dont agree with all he proposes... but... he sure is making head's turn at least somewhat... more than anyone else has been doing.

Take care.....

05 July, 2009 09:15  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

you could see long before he was nominated if you listened closely to him(which most didnt) that he was going to shake up the house... and more as he goes.

Yes, and see how he's not shaking things up because he's too busy trying to be middle-of-the-road. DADT remains in place, DOMA remains in place, many of Bush's unconstitutional policies and executive powers remain in place, Wall Street got a slap on the wrist to go with their money instead of real reform. Compared with what we should have gotten after the huge victories of 2006 and 2008, this is a business-as-usual wet fircracker. Hillary at least knew what side she's on. She would really have shaken things up.

05 July, 2009 11:54  

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