30 June 2009

Quote for the day (with bonus joke)

"Michael Jackson did not have a tragic childhood, nor did he have a tragic life. He had the life he chose. To excuse his behavior as though it was simply a pre-programmed result of his years as a child performer is not just intellectually lazy, it's an insult to every individual who has overcome true childhood hardship, depriva-tion and/or abuse to emerge as a functioning member of society. Michael Jackson was no bobbing cork on the sea of circumstance - he was a multi-millionaire with the means to choose any lifestyle he wanted. 'Functional adult' was one of the options. He chose otherwise. Celebrate the music if you like, but for decency's sake, don't celebrate the man."
"Kate" (found via CCiZ)

Michael Jackson joke for the day:

Farrah Fawcett dies and goes to Heaven. God greets her and says, "Since you were such a good person, I will grant you one wish." Farrah says, "I wish for the children of the world to become safer from molestation and abuse." God thinks for a moment and then says, "Done!"


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