24 June 2009

Iran links for 24 June 2009

Tuesday was the first day of the national strike. Al Giordano has this:

There are unconfirmed reports today that a national strike is underway already, including by Iran state television which has reported that today, Tuesday, thirty percent of workers in the country have not shown up on the job. If state media is admitting 30 percent, it is a safe bet that adherence to the strike is larger than that. It would also be very impressive because the govern-ment has warned that any citizen that participates in a strike will be fired from his and her job, or lose his or her space in the public markets. Thirty percent compliance on what is only the first day a strike would also be heartening for the resistance because some sectors – specifically a call by the Grand Ayatollah and spiritual elder Montazeri for three days of mourning beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, have not kicked in yet.

This Friday, June 26, will be a worldwide day of commemoration of Nedâ Aghâ-Soltân and in solidarity with the Iranian people.

After Nedâ's death, the mosque where the family memorial was to be held was ordered to cancel it by the regime. The sheer ham-fistedness and counterproductive cruelty of these "holy men" is simply astonishing.

Ali Fazli, veteran of the Iran-Iraq war and a Commander in the Revolutionary Guards, refused orders from the regime to fire on demonstrators. He has been removed from his post and arrested, but apparently others are prepared to follow his example.

Andrew Sullivan's Iran live-tweeting thread for the day is here. Revolutionary Road is live-blogging as well.

Exit Zero has three reasons for optimism.

One should always be wary of these "women under Islam aren't as badly off as we think" claims -- the reality is generally worse than most Westerners realize -- but the second paragraph here about Mousavi and his wife is of interest. Mousavi did serve the regime as Prime Minister years ago, but it's possible that his views have evolved over time.

Someone's forgetting history, but it's not the Iranians.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Great group of post's here you compiled Mr.Infidel!

I am a little suprised actually of the sustainment of resistence and growth,as well as the defection of military personel.Look's like the Supreme Rag Council has their work cut out for them. That piece by Al Giordano was a interesting read!

I havent posted a thing on this, to be frank... I couldnt even guess where this is going right now, this has all caught me off guard in a sense. I havent talked to my brother-in-law Sirose yet, he was born and raised in Tehran, and he had his share of trouble there in the late 70's as a college student, but I am sure he is thrilled to death over this one, knowing him. His oldest son Danal joined the US Marines, and was shipped off to Iraq(his son's were born here and their mom is a native anglo Texas gal). My wife went through crap there as well!

Cheer's to the Peoples!

Thank You Sir...........

24 June, 2009 07:21  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

If you do talk to Sirose about it, I'll be interested to hear what he thinks.

24 June, 2009 08:17  

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