22 June 2009

A national strike?

That seems likely to be the next step in Iran. Mousavi is said to be discussing it with labor leaders and important merchants. It looks like anger -- cold anger -- has indeed won out over fear; talk now is of revolution, not reform of the system. Sampling here. I feel more hopeful than ever that the Islamic Republic will be brought down, even if the process takes months.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

They must stay persistent and vigilant(peoples)... I think the SRCI(Supreme Raghead Council of Iran)figure's that they can just wear them down into submission over time... Heh,heh,heh.... I reckon they got a lil more than they bargained for...heh?

Thank You Sir! :)

22 June, 2009 19:07  
Blogger Nancy said...

It may take years, considering the damage this country has done to create these monsters in the first place. But, I, too, am hopeful the Islamic Republic will be brought down.

22 June, 2009 20:50  

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