20 June 2009

Link roundup for 20 June 2009

The late Senator Alan Cranston had an unusual distinction.

Cuteness break: a passel of piglets.

Atheists ruminate on moral relativism.

DemWit assesses the right-wing trolls plaguing several blogs.

In Mount Vernon, Ohio, Christian education is a burning issue.

Obama's dismal performance (link sent by Ranch Chimp) on gay issues disappoints liberal bloggers such as Professor Hutchinson and Michael Boh. Bill Maher, meanwhile, has some tough advice for the President.

Western law pushes back against the Islamic dress code in France and Michigan. Me, I prefer the Russian dress code.

Much of the terrorist threat we face is linked to one city -- and it's not in the Middle East.

Women interested in traveling to an exotic country probably shouldn't choose this one. At the opposite extreme, meet Japan's new breed.

Here's an example of solid, traditional housing built to last.

Sentient Developments presents a fascinating video on a species astonishingly similar to ourselves, yet little-known to most of us -- the bonobo.

Genetics, anatomy, and geography all strongly suggest that our closest relative is the chimpanzee, but a new study makes a case for the orangutan.

Swallow or spit? Explore the amazing world of giant sperm.

We can beat global warming without sacrificing our standard of living. Here's how.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Evening Mr.Infidel!(1:11am CT sunday)

One of the most interesting post's here come from the JollyRoger site on Elohim City,OK. I had no idea where the hell this town was, but I dont know much about Oklahoma except that southern Oklahoma border's North Central Texas.... just north of North Dallas.But after I read Mr.Roger's piece, I went to see what else was on the web about this town.... and there was certainly plenty of info on this place... or at least... ALOT of concern! Why this concern's me... is because this is probably only a few hundred miles from Dallas actually! I didnt know much about McVeigh either... beside's what the Dallas Morning News wrote at the time of his escapades or the 6:00 news on the tele,and him being pissed about Waco and that holdout down there, Waco didnt interest me much at the time... because it dragged out daily on the news in this town... to where it got nauseating (a couple months or so)... I mean it's only a little over 100 miles south of Dallas... so this town wore it out in the daily news coverage, which bored the hell out of me over time.But I almost feel that we Dallasite's are in the middle of all these movement's or whatever their called.I am grateful I reckon that they havent pulled any of their stunt's or project's in our town, or our Federal Building's!(Knock on wood)I mean Dallas/Fort Worth has a large minority population by US standard's, meaning these folk's may not be very fond of our town... especially being so close to us... and that concern's me. I am not clear on why our government would even let these town's exist though... if they are a threat? I dont even know much about Arkansas to be frank... I only go through these places when I drove to the north.... and only stop in these state's basically to take a leak or pick a burger to go or something.I just know.... that these places are not far from where the hell I live... and that concern's me.

A couple post's I enjoyed here were "Sentient Developements" on the Bonobo's and also the one from "Science Daily" on the Orangutan's.

I also was interested in the piece from "The Atlantic" on Re-Engineering the Earth, because this has been something that I have had on my mind concerning climate for well over a decade. And looking forward to many idea's to come and start to be put into action in the near future. I have alot of my own zany idea's as well as far as dealing with the changes to come from nature.

Thank You Sir........... :)

20 June, 2009 23:40  
Anonymous Rita said...

Interesting & thought provoking links, as usual. Thanks!!!

23 June, 2009 03:24  

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