16 June 2009

Iran roundup (2)

The BBC estimated attendance at Monday's rallies in Tehran at one to two million -- a huge turnout, even for a city the size of Tehran. And don't forget that the uprising is nationwide, with clashes in Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz, Ahvaz, and other cities. More protests are planned for today.

Andrew Sullivan continues to cover the uprising via Twitter. His first posting this morning includes a report that the Basîj (regime's paramilitary thug force) headquarters in the northwestern city of Tabriz has been set on fire with "many dead".

Popular Science has a guide to online coverage of Iran.

Michael Totten is now blogging about Iran at Commentary.

Ths video gives a sense of the size of Monday's rallies -- people marching to Azâdî Square fill a broad street as far as the eye can see in both directions.

Boston.com has dramatic photos from the weekend and Monday.

This Canadian reporter, briefly mistaken for a protester, got a look inside the detention center at the Interior Ministry (found via ManticoreWeb).

Is it time for the US to start taking a firmer position? At least some Iranians seem to be hoping for that.

Ahmadinejad has gone ahead with his trip to Russia. Well, barely a week ago Russia itself was having issues. I hope the Russian people are watching what's going on in Iran and getting ideas of their own.

The mullahs' regime: enemy of the world.


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