11 June 2009

Domestic terrorism

There's no longer any room for doubt. The United States is in the midst of an outbreak of radical-right terrorism, and there's no way of knowing yet how much worse it will get before it gets better.

Michael Boh, I think, sums up the problem rather well here: there is, on the right, a substantial population whose disappointment and disorientation at the Republican electoral collapse of 2006 and 2008 has slipped across the line into outright paranoia. Many of these people are armed; many of them are already accustomed (because of religious fundamentalism) to apocalyptic delusional thinking. This religious element lives largely in a subculture of its own, psychologically isolated from the rest of the country. The paranoia is constantly being whipped up by grossly-irresponsible extreme-right media loudmouths stoking fantasies about Obama's birth certificate, gun-confiscation plots, a North American Union, nebulous drivel about the currency, and what have you.

The results, so far, have included the Tiller murder, the Holocaust Museum shooting, and perhaps one arson. How many more of these crazies are out there? How many of them are organizing in groups as opposed to plotting in isolation? What evidence we have isn't reassuring. As Boh's posting linked above notes, even at least one anchor at Fox News is getting very disturbed about what he's seeing. Tiller's murderer Scott Roeder himself claims that there are more terrorists out there ready to strike. That DHS report on right-wing terrorist threats which the loudmouths hysterically trashed and distorted is starting to look prescient.

Where does it go from here? More murders of doctors? Attacks on Jews or blacks? Assassination attempts on prominent Democrats or secularists? Another Oklahoma-City-scale attack? The question hits a bit close to home for me; I used to be an abortion-clinic defense volunteer and am now employed by an institution which engages in stem-cell research (though my job is not physically located near the research labs). And as if all this wasn't enough, Islamic terrorism is still a threat on US soil as well.

I hope the FBI is staying well-staffed and well-funded despite the recession. We're going to need it.


Anonymous JollyRoger said...

Don't forget about the murders of 3 Pittsburgh police officers. The Brothers of McVeigh are on the march.

11 June, 2009 23:11  
Anonymous Ranch Chimp said...

Actually I have commented and posted on this sort of thing several times in the past (when times were somewhat more pleasant) And all those in law enforcement, gvmt,knew what was coming as well, if they say they didnt,their lying. And of coarse like I stated before.... as tension's grow economically or otherwise (like in my post a year or so ago... on why terror worx,and terror to come)and this wont only be domestic.... but even global... and those who are the main orchestrator's of this will use the condition's and rage of people to promote their agenda indirectly, meaning... alot of new folk's on the band wagon,etc.We seen the writing's in post's over the year's and literature, we have first hand testimonies of the perpetrator's on their vision and mission... but many ignored what was clear as day, or were just too busy to see what was brewing. Bottom line ... alot of folk's are angry... and are seeing as well in some cases that they have nothing to loose but their life at most, and they want vengeance for what they"believe" is the reason for their problem's,dislike's or what have you. I talk to alot of folk's in the street's as well... just average every day folk's that are not even with hate group's or anything....they are angry as hell... folk's are also loosing trust in the system... something I have posted about time and time again. I have sat down face to face with lifer's and folk's on death row... that just have a mission to kill... plain and simple, and frankly dont care much if they die in the process... so this is a little deeper then just the extreme right as well... and as I said before... this will show globally, from everyone like the disgruntled worker to the terrorist to the religious fanatic, to just the guy who cant provide like he been for his family or woman who decides to take out their entire family,etc. How you make it fade? When thing's improve more for folk's across the board... they will relax more. Everyone know's what the score is here.... it's one of them thing's that folk's ignore until it hit's home. I'll shut up now.

Thank You Sir.....

12 June, 2009 06:58  

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