06 June 2009

Link roundup for 6 June 2009

If your last vacation was too dull, consider this adventure cruise (found via Mendip). Also found via Mendip: This is apparently a real bank, but funner.

No offense, but you deserve to be killed.

These people are gonna be counting for a long, long time.

Sadly No presents the top ten bad right-wing analogies.

There are hundreds of proofs of the existence of God (found via Forever in Hell).

Spain has the running of the bulls -- Britain has a far more exciting and dangerous event.

This method of locating penguin colonies is total crap.

The Guiness Book of Records has named Jonathan Lee Riches of Kentucky as the person who has filed more lawsuits than anyone else in the world. And he's suing them for it.

Black Sun Journal looks at the Technological Singularity and its enemies.

62% of bankruptices in the United States are due to medical costs, and most of these are not among uninsured people. More on the impact of medical costs even with insurance here.

As a child, Osel Hita Torres was chosen by the Dalai Lama as the reincarnation of a dead "spiritual leader", and whisked away to be raised in a monastery. Now he has escaped and, despite his lost childhood, is trying to lead a normal life.

Britain braces for another shitstorm of rage from religious nuts who can't handle the truth.

In Canada, barbarism gets some justice (found via ManticoreWeb).

The murder of Dr. Tiller was not this week's only act of religious terrorism. Oh, and Bill O'Reilly is being an idiot again.

Peter Daou at The Huffington Post has the best assessment I've seen yet of Obama's Cairo speech.

A promising early result in the EU elections: in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders's anti-Islam party wins 15% of the vote, up from 6% just three years ago.

Optimists see better -- literally.

Is gay adoption against nature? Apparently not.

One of Andrew Sullivan's readers gets through to him on the truth about abortion. While Sullivan denies cherry-picking the e-mails he publishes, I suspect that it's mostly people who share his hand-wringing attitude on the subject that write to him in the first place.

Human emergence from the stone age may have been triggered by rising population density.

Wild chimpanzees' tool use is more sophisticated than we thought (found via Mendip).

Ren rou sou suo is a new Chinese bloggers' strategy against animal abusers and arrogant officials. Who knows where it will end?

What Bush refused to fund in the US: Australian scientists have developed a simple, non-surgical stem-cell treatment to restore vision lost to corneal disease.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr.Infidel!

First of all... my funny bone must be in high gear this morning, or at least ... after reading the current news this morning... I sure as hell needed it! But the "Adventure Cruise" and the "Redneck Bank" post's made my stomach sore from laughter,while eating my breakfast taco's... I dont know whether to sue you and Mendip or thank ya'll!? :) I just get a kick out of corny stuff like that I reckon! Having visited Mendip's blog many time's... he also post's some good stuff on there!

Then to top it off ...was the "work of art"(by my opinion) from the "Forever in Hell" posting about "Hundred's of proof's of the existence of god" ... this really had my gut going as well! :) Great post!

"Technological Singularity and it's Enemies" ... was sure intersting. The change's that are to come.... I know will bring much debate,ranting,etc. I feel that the technologies of such to come will bring a strong and new division to folk's. But... only temporarily I think, it should fade. Alot of new technologies and move's just will be very foreign to many... even more than some simple cultural differences. It's just that folk's dont really understand thing's yet... but will learn to adapt over some time and gaining knowledge. Some may look at thing's like this as science fiction... for me... there is no such thing as science fiction anymore... nor any science's that we've known for that matter. I feel that science theory practice as we known it over the centuries will become obsolete in time. But .... that's just me.

Also ... the piece "High Population density trigger's cultural explosion" was an good read to me.

Thank You Sir.........

06 June, 2009 07:11  

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