30 May 2009

Link roundup for 30 May 2009

If you have a few bucks to spare, see here.

Everybody goofs off at work, but this was unwise (NSFW).

If you've ever dreamed of a vacation excursion to the dreariest country in the world, they're now taking applications.

Speaking of dreary utopian visions, you can get in on the ground floor (not the basement, it'll be flooded) of the nuttiest escapism idea since space colonies.

See photos of a rare natural phenomenon -- snow rollers (found via Exit Zero).

Your daughter stopped believing in God? Call the FBI!

Our civilization's roots lie in the Roman Empire, but I'm glad we didn't retain their choice of mouthwash.

Leo Gao and Cara Young ran away (sent by Ranch Chimp). What would you have done?

Some right-wingers have lately been fulminating that closures of Chrysler dealerships supposedly targeted pro-Republican dealers. Here's the reality (well, considering how many of these people think the Earth is 6,000 years old, you can't expect them to be too good with numbers or logic).

Real estate isn't as good an investment as people think, even in boom times (found via Exit Zero).

No parking: in Chicago, another crackpot privatization scheme goes awry (sent by Ranch Chimp).

This might have been appropriate as a Memorial Day posting: how many soldiers were killed or wounded in pointless fighting at the end of World War I after the armistice was signed?

A legislator in Swaziland wants to brand HIV-infected people with a warning logo. If they actually implement this, I predict the idea will be shelved after a few big shots test positive.

Mr. Lai Jiansheng of Guangzhou, China, has a no-nonsense attitude toward public suicide attempts.

A quick-thinking mother saved her home and children from flooding.

This new ranging system can pinpoint objects with nanometer precision (a nanometer is about 1/25,000,000 of an inch) at a range of up to 100 kilometers. That's equivalent to an accuracy of a few miles at interstellar distances.

New research offers hope to understand and combat the collapse of coral reefs.

New stem-cell treatments could be delayed for years in the US by the slowness of bureaucratic approvals. Doctors and patients are fighting to get things moving.


Blogger tina FCD said...

I enjoyed all the links today, especially the Thrush mama bird. :)

30 May, 2009 06:32  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thank you my friend for the kind link. I won't forget it. - Mat

30 May, 2009 18:54  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Greeting's Mr.Infidel!

Had fun reading the post's as usual.

The FBI call for the aetheist was kind of confusing to me ... what could someone be thinking? What in the hell would FBI kow about spiritualism?

Republican car dealership's. Well, this whole GM and buddies is going to be interesting, I cant even figure out where the hell this is going ... and this is why I posted a piece about Ford being the smart one's.Also... the China GM division is doing absolutely great!

Interesting piece on the China suicide thing. I never could figure out to be frank, how "suicide" became an illegal practice actually? I am very "pro-choice" on just about every avenue. I dont believe any of us should have the right to tell someone else what to do with their self. I know in your state and town, ya'll have legal assisted suicide...yet when I was in PDX I didnt see or hear of folk's lined up to kill themselve's... I think it should be legal as well in Texas. But here ... nope... you think suicide they want to put you in a nut house for observation! I had a few close to me really suffer slow death's at my side, that left a psychological impact on me I reckon, so my thought's may be kind of slanted/biased I reckon.But nope... never wanted to kill myself.

Stem-Cell slow bureaucratic approval's? Um,um,um.... why doesnt that suprise me?

Later Guy...........

31 May, 2009 07:52  

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