24 May 2009

Quote for the day

"In researching this post, I came across Naomi Wolf’s predictably nauseating take on the question of women and pornography today. Near as I can figure, the sexually liberated hippie feminists of her youth have seen the Augustinian error of their ways, and have come to realize that scantily, comfortably clad, youthful free love prevents women, and men, from appreciating the benefit of covered-from-head-to-toe femininity, with nudity only to be shared during mind-blowing, middle-aged sex with one’s husband. The basis for the Stepford Feminist’s argument seems to be that, in her mind, contrary to Andrea Dworkin’s prediction that unbridled pornography would unleash the male beast, the easy availability of pornographic imagery of perfectly proportioned women has desensitized young men to the imperfect reality of flesh and blood ones. Her evidence is anecdotal, and only proves that she only talked to a couple of guys. You don’t have to throw a rock very far to find all manner of men happily, lovingly, and intimately involved with women who would never make the centerfold. Methinks Naomi’s full of hooey."

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