16 May 2009

Link roundup for 16 May 2009

Now there's a solution for those pesky priests: Priest-Off!

This movie looks preposterous, but perhaps fun in a Godzilla-ish kind of way.

The American Institute of Physics shows some impressive visual illusions.

Exit Zero has photos of Maya ruins in Belize, and finds a village of part-time Mennonites.

HTML Mencken says Obama is turning wingnutty. More blogger commentary on the torture issue from The Crossed Pond, Alex Goodall, Michael Boh, Papamoka, and Ranch Chimp; of course Andrew Sullivan continues to cover it in depth.

21 Democrats are among the Senators who fumbled the ball on credit-card interest-rate regulation.

Conservatism continues to attack those few of its own members who perversely persist in displaying signs of realism or sanity. NRO Corner poster Jerry Taylor is the latest target, for daring to point out that Rush Limbaugh is, in fact, disliked by the huge majority of Americans. But Republicans do have a plan: re-name their opponents. Gavin M has more on conservatism here.

Craigslist's decision to eliminate its "erotic services" section will increase the dangers and problems associated with prostitution.

Somebody in the Czech Republic is waging a sticker campaign against Islam.

European courts try to stop parents from giving their children stupid names. Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 could not be reached for comment.

CNN reports on the scandal over British politicians' expense claims (sent by Ranch Chimp). Like the AIG bonuses here, the expense scandal in Britain has provoked widespread outrage because it symbolizes a deeply-corrupted system. Dungeekin ropes in Michael Jackson.

Unenlightened Commentary points out how the EU is alien to the spirit of European history. It's also massively corrupt.

Totally disgusting: Austrian neo-Nazis attack Holocaust survivors at a memorial service.

An orangutan in Australia figured out how to short-circuit an electric fence in order to escape her enclosure. Orangutans are, I think, probably the second most intelligent species on Earth after ourselves. Pics of the Brookfield Zoo's new baby orangutan here.

This 37-million-year-old primate may be a distant ancestor of the modern apes -- including humans.

When the brain needs to perform a new function, it often adapts an existing mechanism for the new purpose. Math, for example, is apparently done by the neurocircuitry that evolved to control eye movements.

Here's a material ten billion times stronger than steel. Too bad it also weighs several hundred million tons per cubic inch and can't, in fact, exist on Earth at all.

Texas is fighting pesky fire ants by using parasitic flies whose maggots eat the ants' brains.

Meanwhile, Canadian scientists battle the cow fart peril.

60 Minutes reports on the US Air Force's impressive remote-controlled aircraft (sent by Ranch Chimp); text version here.

Don't put too much faith in antioxidants.


Anonymous Ross said...

Thanks for the link.

16 May, 2009 07:54  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

The "Priest-Off" commercial was a good un! :)

Senate cave's to bank's... why aint I suprised? This is just the tip of this banking iceberg, we are getting thoroughly milked. Right now even folk's like American Express are pulling all kind's of games on folk's balances. And we all should have seen this coming, I myself have ranted in my earliest post's what these people were especially going to do if this President got elected and actually tried doing what he proposed. The bank's now are scrambling...and ratholing...and our politician's are telling us they WILL fix the problem...which mean's trying to get us in debt more to go back to the start of the same problem, the bank's will not stop milking either...why? Why do you think...they know they can do just about whatever they choose...bailing the bank's was not to do nothing more but make good with folk's like Arab's and China... and the only reason anyone want's us to have more and more debt...is so we can do what we been doing for year's....feeding the globe, without American's...this globe would economically go to hell in a handbasket. There is a solution...actually a couple option's, which I'm not going to get into...anyone with half a brain should figure it out, we have a system...that is wasted...period...and keeping this mindset is only going to take us further in a hole...as far as working American's are concerned. And to be frank...it's good, we deserve all this crap we get...because we actually let this all be done to us, one day the peoples will wake up and resist this crap ... sooner or later. This is all a game to put us now in a state of desperation, to the point where we will do anything to get them to put us further in debt and in a hole ... they control the world actually... and until we get to the point where we just outright put an end to it...they will continue.Why do you think the credit card companies are scambling interest rates right now...and pulling all these sudden stunt's? Because they know what kind of regulatory crap is coming within the next couple year's...them and their attorney's and accountant's are trying to figure out how to lock the ball and chain.... and what's to come. They are depriving us...to bring us to our knee's...and look at them as the lifesource. Want know what to do? Get a whole line of new credit when you can, spend it all...buy up all the gold you can as well...because this paper aint worth squat, then dont pay them nothing... even real estate... in Texas they cant do much of nothing to you if you do this...but many states they could put you in jail, freeze asset's account's etc. Give me $100,000 or two in credit ... I'll agree to any interest and term's ... heh,heh,heh... see how much you'll get back. Is it theft? Were only taking back what's our's ... their the crook's, you should not feel guilty ...but patriotic and heroic if anything. I better shut up now ... :)

Wow.... what a goddamn piece on that missing link stuff...I hope to see more from these studies. I was a lil shocked ... I mean...37 million year's... and Europe? This ought to be interesting as hell! There had recently been alot of digging up around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex as well, what was remarkable is all the ancient sea creatures they found here... just a month ago....they found part's of some huge sea creature with these fang's that made a shark look like a teddy bear! Even back when they first started drilling a subway tunnel... the worker's were overcome by gases...that were from huge ancient sea turtle's, what's weird is.... Dallas was built on alot of prarie land and hill's, and sit's on solid rock like NYC, made of limestone. They also think that this was a jungle as well at a point in time... but a sea? I sometime's wonder if that meteor did indeed hit the Yucatan 60+ million year's ago... and a tidal wave did result that was a mile high or whatever, that didnt even receed until it was up into places like Kansas... if that created some kind of sea here at once...and all this sea life they are finding here? I'd love to see the documentary though.

Thanx Guy......

17 May, 2009 06:16  

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