05 May 2009

Billions for Wall Street, not a penny for retirees

If you're on Social Security, read this. Check out the DU link too.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Well...you know this certainly doesnt suprise the ole chimp off the ranch, I been tooting about this stuff myself. I have never took gvmt assistance, although one day when I'm old enough I was going to get social security if it's still around, only because I paid into it for around 30 year's. I have drawn unemployment,but I took it because I dont consider it as welfare like some, it is an insurance fund that is paid into through your job...part of your pay you can say. I was told I qualified for $300 to $400 a month in food stamp's while I was drawing, but I just said "No thanx", I wouldnt want anything else to where I have to report to some gvmt office and answer to them, I can make that money on the side... and not even record it. But I know many folk's that have had to depend on these thing's, and so I know the routine's they go through...just like this post/link where the person say's they draw...and it's alway's crap like you make too much...I myself have posted this nonsense on my blog...even with taxes. And you can bet...the funneling of tax dollars is going to continue to these bank's for year's to come....we still will even be spending in Iraq after we leave...Why? ..because as I posted myself(shotgun wedding getting into that mess, and not one American got jack shit out of it)...we have investment's there and many contract security forces are going to get paid anyway's. The infrastructure or what they call "shovel ready" project's are another half scam...they are limited...and take long to get through the red tape and crap to kick start...they will...but this is mostly prep talk...for the shaft that I said is coming. Inflation and taxes are going to go through the roof over the next few year's... there is no way mathematically looking at it or even looking at history of recession's and so forth that it cant. So...you can do what your told...or look out for your best interest and be smart...and buck the system, use your head...and stop waiting and listening to them...and you will win.

I better shut up now ... nothing further on this.

Thank You Sir.

05 May, 2009 09:58  

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