26 April 2009

"The fall of a deranged git"

Nick M of Counting Cats dissects the most spectacular failure in history.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Interesting link post Mr.Infidel.

The mention also in it...about those who consider Hitler a "evil genius" ... I have heard that as well as other credit's to him...I dont think were deserving, although I myself thought of him as a "political genius" at times, but that's only because coming from the WW1 trenches...then going from a flop house/soup kitchen... street corner artist... to prison, then the rise to lead the nation and make a complete turn around out of it...when in time of need, at a time...this guy was popular as hell amongst German's, and had several folk's in other nation's eating out of his hand. I truely believe that if it wasnt for the halocaust incident, and stabbing his allies/friend's in the back, he would have been one of the greatest leader's in Germany's history. Hitler made his own bed.... and paid the price and failed. Was he "evil"? I dont believe in good/evil, he was very devoted to a mission of power, I dont think there was anything evil about him, but I do think he was loosing it mentally.And I think he let his anger get the best of him... and deluded himself. But as far as patriotism? ... second to none... even a war hero, but he was also too selfish when it came to the peoples as well. But ... that's just my opinion.

27 April, 2009 03:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

But as far as patriotism? ... second to none...

Only by a highly eccentric definition of "patriotism". Even if Hitler had won the war, he would have been a disaster for Germany, wrecking its scientific and intellectual heritage and replacing them with medieval pseudoscience and irrational cultism, and killing off or driving away the great majority of its most creative and productive people (amny of whom actually left before the war started anyway, because they could see he was going to wreck the country).

he would have been one of the greatest leader's in Germany's history.

I think his leadership abilities are more than adequately addressed in the linked article.

the halocaust incident,

I would really like to make some sort of comment on this expression, but I can't. My command of the English language is simply not up to the job.

27 April, 2009 05:57  

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