04 May 2009

Mâ hastîm

The phrase above* means "we exist" in Persian; it is also the slogan and, by default, the name of a new and rapidly-spreading anti-regime movement in Iran.

The movement sprang up in late March around the Persian new year. Its origins were patriotic, apparently rooted in popular support for Iranian territorial claims against Arab states in the Persian Gulf. Since then it has evolved toward an angry, though so far non-violent, opposition to the rule of the mullahs, embracing such symbols as the pre-1979 Iranian flag. It's still too early to tell where this will go, if anywhere, but it bears watching.

The website is here (note: scroll bar on the left); even if you can't read Persian, the visuals tell a story of their own. A brief article in English is here.

*Pronunciation: approximately rhymes with English "saw", while hastîm is pronounced "hass-TEEM".


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