02 May 2009

Link roundup for 2 May 2009

In 1973, the Catholic Church's Archdiocesian Youth Commission designed a logo for itself. I'd say they blew it.

"It has historically been the case." With a headline like this, you just know the guy's a right-winger.

You may need religion! Found via Around Town with Rita.

If you really do need a religion, this one should be fun. Found via Mendip.

But be careful about making fun of religion in Ireland.

"This apeshit isn’t going to go itself, you know." Teeth are still gnashing over Arlen Specter.

Frodology blog considers the burning theological question of rapture abortions.

You've heard of God-awful poetry -- here's the real thing, with commentary.

Bill Nye the Secklar Hoomnist Innaleckshul discovers that science is offensive -- to stupid people. Sent by Mendip.

The more religious people are, the more pro-torture they are.

There has been a stunning shift of public opinion in favor of gay marriage -- in just the past one month.

It seems as if the main lasting effect of that stupid "storm" anti-gay-marriage ad has been to inspire parodies. Here's another one.

A hate-crimes bill inspired by the Matthew Shepard case provokes some ugliness in Congress.

Ta-Nehisi Coates cuts through the nonsense about the Confederate flag.

"Specters" haunting Europe? Some Labour party MPs (members of Parliament) in Britain are considering defecting to a rival party.

The European country with the most liberal drug laws (it's not the Netherlands) sets an example from which we Americans have much to learn.

A haunting message is found inside a 65-year-old wall.

This thread has some interesting discussion of national identity in Britain.

General Petraeus has a stark warning about Pakistan.

The airline BMI kowtows to barbarism. Found via Counting Cats. See this too.

This video about the erosion of gun rights in Britain and Australia should make us grateful for our written Constitution and Bill of Rights. Sent by Ranch Chimp.

Russia now has its own foundation, Наука за продление жизни ("Science for Extension of Life"), to promote Aubrey de Grey's ideas.

While Bush was obstructing stem-cell research in the US, progress continued elsewhere. Here's a report from China.


Blogger mendip said...

Excellent links - Thanks!

02 May, 2009 05:10  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I agree with Neal Horsey , the candidate for Governor of Georgia I believe sex is healthy and fun, and is no harm to anyone. :)

What will happen to the raptured abortion's? Wow ... I've alway's wondered ... heh,heh,heh ... entertaining indeed , wow ...that was certainly analyzed like a pro! Personally ... I dont think the rapture story could come soon enough in these times with the abundance of meat we have. I have been pro-choice all my life, it's simply part of being American and personal right's, but what I have seen in hospital's over the year's of defected babies,born dope fiend's etc... and the parent's and gauardian's of some.... along with the poverty... I have also thought that looking into mandatory birth control/abortion could be healthy ... and am certainly 110% for selective breeding as well as sterilization.

How sad to hear that so many Texan's were upset with Bill Nye coming to Texas to educate us, although I didnt hear about it in Dallas ... perhap's he missed the Metroplex. However....great posting....I am finally glad to get it all cleared up about the moon light and it's source of light since all my life...I thought it was a nite-lite set up by space alien's to protect us from satanic cult's and vampyres that lurk the darkness.

"Decriminalize it!" ... another good post ... I wasnt sure how all the drug thing worked... I have done damn near every type of drug imaginable over the last 4 decades or so...in England,Scotland,Canada, USA, and Mexico .... never once had I had any difficulty getting any drug's I wanted .... their illegal? Now I'm scared .... I may go to jail...heh? Wow .... scary.....

The video I sent about gun's being rounded up in England,Australia,etc I want to point out, that this lady Gill Marshall-Andrews, chairperson- gun control network, sez she understand's about folk's not being able to continue their sporting. She understand's nothing but sitting on her soft fat ass basically, and having soldiers or police well armed to protect her. The point here is evident .... bottom line... imagine...when you are not allowed to protect yourself, and you have to depend on law's written by the well secured to protect you, and you have to be slaughtered before your rescued..what do you have left? If the government ever wanted to control or disassemble you even from a peaceful assembly or to muscle you... how would you defend yourself or anyone around you for that matter if they only have all the firepower? If muslim mob's come at you with knives to dismember you ... that are brought in by your same loving government and supported with your tax dollar's ... what do you do to defend yourself? I have a good buddy who is an Arab-muslim for instance... born and raised in Casablanca,Morocco... lives in Dallas now...I learned alot from him about what folk's call "extremism". But he was telling me one night about these gang's in Casablanca that prey on homosexual/transsexual types, and that gun's are illegal as well there...but these gang's when they find one of these gay's....they attack with these long knives that are popular amongst Moroccan's, and I dont need to tell you what they do to the victim's... which would be all over the news in this country...but there is thought nothing of...simply because the victim's were queer and asking for it. This is no joking around, it has been told to me by a friend...in detail...and I believe him... he is a very honest man. "No gun's" certainly doesnt stop that...or protect anyone from such.Not even the police can protect them...and not once have I heard this in the news.

Thank You Sir.........

02 May, 2009 07:54  
Anonymous JollyRoger said...

Chimpy was, if you'll pardon the expression, a godsend to China. He gave them an industrial base, countless R&D centers, and great advances in the sciences, all through his policies, which were more anti-American in sum than anything Stalin could have dreamed up.

04 May, 2009 22:20  

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