09 May 2009

Link roundup for 9 May 2009

This "viral video" dates back all the way to 2000. But it's still fun!

The mainstream film industry is still churning out dismal product.

In case the glimpse of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the video I linked earlier wasn't enough for you, here's a portrait.

Britain is being rocked by revelations of how politicians have been abusing their government expense accounts. Counting Cats is on the case, here and here and here.

Police abuse their authority in Texas (sent by Ranch Chimp) and Detroit.

The worst "disease" we face isn't swine flu -- it's this.

I've gotten out of the habit of reading most websites devoted to atheism specifically, because they seem fixated on rehashing the same old arguments we've been having with God-believers for decades now, if not generations. Pat Condell thinks that debating irrational dogma is pointless; Black Sun Journal seems to agree.

Forever in Hell analyzes missionary dating. Sounds to me like a new version of flirty fishing, except you won't actually get any.

DemWit posts a very useful article on how to detect dishonest propaganda; some of these points also apply to religion and pseudoscience.

Hilzoy responds to a bizarre Republican video ad against closing Guantanamo.

Bush-era tax policy actually encouraged American companies to send jobs overseas. Will Obama change this?

Anonymous Liberal has some good advice for Republicans which they won't take.

This map showing the distribution of people without health insurance is rather interesting. The uninsured are concentrated in Texas, the South, and the mountain west -- no surprises there. But the region with the fewest uninsured people is the rust belt. Must be all those union jobs.

A German foreign-policy expert whines that the Israeli foreign minister "sees us Europeans as a pile of cowards." Gosh, I wonder why that could be.

But the French Foreign Minister is right to oppose Turkey joining the EU, according to this report by Christopher Hitchens.

In a video from 2007, Pat Condell discusses Islam in Europe.

What if someone starts trying to fix global warming unilaterally?

Russian scientists think they know what caused the 1908 Tunguska explosion -- and it's still out there.

Bill Gates is funding some far-out scientific research (but this looks like real stuff to me, not pseudoscience or "alternative" quackery).


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Learjet's to the Bahamas,grand a night hooker's,and enough caine to drop a rhino? Someone's havin alot of fun...heh? This if coarse is nothing new to anyone that know's the sex industry and who has worked in it.Actually these "working ladies" are the best secret keeper's known to humanity (even the working guy escort's) these practices are worldwide.. not just amongst the political circles, but every circle of the corporate industry as well, it's endless actually. It was a fun post though,reading. Back in the 70's there was a lil ranch about 7 or 8 miles south of town in Nuevo Laredo,Mexico.. you take a gypsy cab, or a horse and carriage to it back then for about $5 buck's give or take a buck. Back then for $50 buck's you get a room(no a/c though...so the summer was hot,open the window's use the fan,and keep a sink tub of ice)a gal for the nite,a plate of mexican food(home cooked style)and a 5th of tequila...and tip's (usually $10/$20 was acceptable,but not mandatory) for the gal you can leave on the table for her if you like.Dope was extra of coarse. Just about all the fella's that used the ranch were all in the smuggling trade (human or dope)and business was booming. Many of the guy's were alway's in between business deal's... so it was common to pick up a gal this way... because you were alway's pressed for time and on schedules in that business... so you didnt have time for the formal dating...you know ...the routine of dinner,movie,and club-ing.So the price was great...and you didnt have to wait...hit and run in other word's...for that fella...on the go. It's just when I read that part...it reminded me of the ole day's.What may suprise some though...is alot of these entertainment fling's... at least in the USA are tax write off's as "business expenses" because the gal's/services are labeled as "enterprises" "therapist's" etc.

Worst disease we face isnt swine flu.... what a piece...and how true!

Bush tax policies encouraging job's to go overseas? Duuuuhhh, I hope not many didnt realize that.

Anonymous Liberal advice to God's Own Party(GOP)... damn good advice!

Israeli Foreign Minister see's EU as a pile of coward's ... uuhhh... I agree!,and so are alot of our own on Capitalism Hill.

Turkey joining the EU ... that's a first for me....(LOL) I loved it! How bout Iran just joining the USA and becoming a state? :)

Politic's of climate hacking. I loved that piece actually... and it has been a fantasy of mine for over a decade I reckon(in a positive scenario). One time a buddy and I were talking about global warming at least back 10 year's ago over a few brewski's, and he asked me...."what the hell do we do if the ice cap's melt and they cant reflect the sunlight anymore?" I told him..."simple...just make our own goddamn reflector's!". :)

Thanx Guy........

09 May, 2009 08:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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