07 May 2009

The true test

Part of my reason for opposing Obama during the Democratic nomination process was that I feared he was not a true liberal by conviction. As I discussed here, it's frankly still difficult to come to a conclusion on that point. He has made many positive moves -- rescinding stem-cell-research restrictions and the abortion "global gag rule", beginnings of action on global warming, an occasional verbal nod to the non-religious. But there have also been warning signs -- Rick Warren, the delay of action on DADT, the lack of firm accountability for Wall Street dinosaurs bailed out at taxpayer expense (the AIG bonuses were a symbolic issue, but a telling one). And given the massive mandate represented by the across-the-board Democratic victories last year (far more than a mere repudiation of Bush personally), we had every right and reason to expect a much bolder and more aggressive liberal agenda.

Now comes the true test. With David Souter's impending resigna-tion from the Supreme Court, Obama faces his most significant decision yet. His choice will help shape the country for decades, casting a perhaps deciding vote on the Constitutionality of laws on abortion, gay marriage, workers' rights, government intrusion on citizens' privacy, and other issues we haven't even thought of yet. This is not just a symbolic gimmick like Rick Warren. This is real.

Furthermore, Obama has an unusual degree of freedom of action. The Democrats have reached 60 seats in the Senate, and while some Democrats may not vote the party line, the same is true of a number of moderate Republicans (assuming they will even stay Republicans much longer). Conservatism as a movement may recover at some time in the future, but right now it's in disarray (big tent, anyone?). Obama's personal popularity remains high. He will not face voters for another three and a half years, nor will any of the Senators who support him for another one and a half years; by then, even if no other major issues have arisen, the economic recovery will be complete and will dominate voters' assessment of the Democrats' performance in office.

He has, in short, no excuses. This is the decision that will finally show us the real Obama. Will he waste it on yet another vain effort to "reach out" to right-wingers who will despise and denounce him no matter what he does? Or will he seize the opportunity, exercise the mandate the American people gave to him and his party, and make "change we can believe in" more than just a slogan?


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Interesting post Mr.Infidel, and a "test" it sure as hell will be. I just got done listening to his "budget address" on CNN, I was a little hesitant to hear it,because I knew 120+ programme's being slashed were the dish. He explained alot of what was to be cut, and I actually couldnt agree more with it...especially the way we budget contracting in this country.. it has been something I complained about for year's as a Texan...even though it brought much prosperity to Texas...I knew and seen how the Federal Government was being abused big time by some of this contracting, and all the footsie play that was going on under the table and such, especially IN defense...it was downright insane, plus the fact that you have to spend the budget to actually keep it coming,etc. We waste so much guy! Texas companies have been especially favoured...and milking the government like bandit's robbing blind folk's, this was even going on before GW Bush,in the Clinton era as well. I could go on ... on this subject,but I will cap it.

Yep....the Supreme Court thing will be interesting on who he will choose, and I hope he will be a lil partial/partisan on this one especially. Why? because what most folk's dont realize....is there is this sub-movement going on by the republican's(not all, but a great deal of them) to make a one-sided Supreme Court ... a hell of alot more than the democrat's are concerned in doing.... all behind a couple simple issue's that I loathe discussing at time's because they shouldnt be issue's to begin with, but republican's are so hell bent(or heaven bent)on these goddamn issue's of morality, abortion,and same sex marriage ... I mean...with a passion... they think more about that crap than the gay's even...and more about sex than call-gal's!Their morality is all one sided as well... meaning voting republican's like myself for year's have alway's had little insult's tossed at us on our morality ... and not being true conservative...simply because we dont kiss up to their denomination of religion... and I am saying that I hope Obama is partial on this to lean more toward's the democrat choice as far as a Justice pick, and see'd behind this religious smoke screen that has been contaminating what was once a good republican party! Plus... we need to keep "choice" ... a "choice" and NOT let any of these back door's of slippery legislation get in! Also because of the same sex marriage issue, we need to get this over and done with and screw the lolligagging... and find some goddamn way to get same sex marriage legalized across the nation.... period! All this state by state crap is I know important to gay couples...but IT IS NOT good enough! At the rate were goddamn going it wouldnt come to Texas for another 20+ goddamn year's...and we have probably about the highest gay population next to California in the country. Dallas and Houston have some of the largest open gay communities I have seen anywhere's across this nation .... even conservative gay's, yet...this religious undertaste want's to suppress it as well. On this one thing about the High Court pick, I hope like hell that he goes with the most unquestionable liberal that is so liberal... it makes the republican religious nut's squirm!

No ...all shit aside... I am so sick and tired of this bloody crap! I have thought conservative most of my goddamn life, and voted that way for year's, yet...I am sick and tired of these who say that I should make religion,sex,and morality a main issue! I am pro-business, pro-gun right's,small government,strong defense(not rip-off defense either) pro-America, pro-right's across the board ... I am more goddamn conservative than these back talking pussies(fundamoralist's)are! Sex shouldnt be an issue to me...in no fashion...or taking a dump, or what goddamn church you go to, or what a woman should do with her body or a man or anyone. I am a man of serious issue's... the kind that keep your ass safe, and where a person can earn a decent living for a decent day's work etc.

Enough said...Thank You Sir...

07 May, 2009 08:42  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I'm just curious Mr.Infidel ... frankly I dont even know who the President has yet as choinces or who all he's looking at yet? Do you? And do you have any choices that might be good choices in your opinion?


07 May, 2009 11:08  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Well, there's been a lot of buzz around this person, but no one really knows whom Obama's considering.

07 May, 2009 11:35  
Anonymous Gary said...

Do you think he should choose a gay candidate?

08 May, 2009 15:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Well, that would certainly set the Christian Right nicely afoam. But I'm really more concerned with what kind of rulings we'll get than with the orientation (or race or gender or whatever) of the person making them.

08 May, 2009 16:48  

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