23 May 2009

Link roundup for 23 May 2009

Rush Limbaugh is gibbering and hooting with alarm at the thought that the recent "Ida" discovery affirms that humans such as himself are ultimately descended from monkeys.

Jabberwock dissects another Godawful Chick tract.

Here's a way for atheists to make money from Christians' belief in the Rapture (sent by Mendip).

President Dick Cheney shows the Moon who's boss.

Techno-paranoia has a long history.

How many Muslims today would obey this order of the Prophet?

Andrew Breitbart flips the bird at the wrong demo.

Bodybuilders gathered for a competition flee at the unexpected arrival of drug testers.

I believe in total freedom of expression, even for hate speech -- but if anything qualifies as hate speech, surely it's this stuff.

Not all executive bonuses in the financial sector are paid for out of bailout money from taxpayers.

Philadelphia, Mississippi, site of one of the most notorious KKK murders of the 1960s, has elected its first black mayor.

There's testimony from several quarters that Bush's invasion of Iraq was partly motivated by his belief in Biblical prophecy. If so, this (sent by Ranch Chimp) is an ironic outcome.

If you have a son coming of age, beware of this (unless he's gay).

In Ireland, a new 2,600-page official report reveals that sexual abuse of children was endemic in Catholic schools and orphanages for decades.

We view Robert Mugabe as the quintessential reality-challenged African despot, but His Excellency President Professor Dr. Al-Haji Yahya Jammeh of Gambia is an even better claimant for that role.

Low conviction rates provoke different responses depending on the alleged crime.

There they go again, those Gawdless secklar hoomanist scientists, looking at actual data instead of reading right-wing columnists and pundits like right-thinking people do.

Being fluent in a tone language may help humans develop "perfect pitch" (the article mentions East Asian tone languages, but many African languages also use tones for semantic differentiation -- it would be interesting to know if they confer the same advantage).

The genetic defect which causes Down syndrome may reduce vulnerability to cancer. And British scientists have developed a modified virus that attacks cancer cells.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Memorial Weekend Greeting's Mr.Infidel!

Rush' reaction to the primate fossil...Rush is hilarious to listen to,but I think is a lil overboard on the "fossil monkey" thing. For pete's sake,scientist's are simply doing their job's(thank goodness there are still folk's left that actually work!)Rush is just doing nothing but sitting on his fat ass...and jumping to conclusion's that these scientist's find this and all of the sudden officiate it .. it's actually Rush who officiated it. These scientist's are simply reporting what they found, unlike someone like Rush...they WILL continue to research... not just close the book and say...well... that's it...we have all the answer's...the scientist's are the true challenger's of theories.I thought it was an interesting and crucial exciting find myself. Whether it's the "missing link" or not...hell...I dont know...I am just happy that we have scientist's who bust their asses to find these thing's. Talking about crucial find's though... my daughter and her boyfriend just ran up the street and brought back some red hot breakfast taco's! :)

Techno Paranoia posted by Ms.Rita was fun... and I alway's knew of superstition's and paranoia, and I am sure went on in some fashion...10's of 1000's of year's even before human's recorded thing's. I am actually not the paranoid type, but I have wondered for many year's if all the electronic's around us can have any connection to some of our illnesses?, maybe even some type's of cancer? I reckon... I'm just curious of the effect's of too much... but no... I dont sit around and bite my nail's over it... it's too late for me at 53 year's old... to worry about something I been around all my life I reckon.

Bodybuilder's flee drug tester's. I am all behind them! The drug testing thing is ridiculous...but that's only my opinion, just like this new drug testing law in West Virginia for folk's drawing unemployment... unemployment aint welfare! That is paid by your work dollar's into a fund for when your unemployed... I'd like to drug test all those investment banker's on Wall St. that are milking our money... they got more goddamn cocaine on Wall St than crack in some hood's!Beside's... these boy's and gal's should have the right to do what they want to their body.... hell...it's their damn bodies!

Good post on "Crook's and Liar's", look's like I need to visit that site more.

Ireland's sexual abuse problem....I have been following this one... Um,um,um... you dont need to imagine that.This crap has been a broken record for year's now.And everytime this crap come's up...the first response from any of these diocese's is ... "we're sorry". And at first when this stuff in America started to surface for instance... they were sending priest's to these retreat's and resort type place's. If any of the citizen's done half these thing's... we would be doing multiple sentence's in not federal sweetheart prison's or retreat's or whatever pamper joint's they have for these pussies...but state workfarm and industrial prison's...working the hoe squad's in the field's(well, Texas) in 90+ degree heat... and worrying about picking up the soap off the floor in the shower! It's not Ireland's problem or America's problem...it's the Vatican's problem... and one they constantly have a history of ignoring.

Have a good un Guy.....

23 May, 2009 07:39  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I forgot to comment on one that I found quite interesting... which was Ms.Margaret's piece on "male infanticide and rape" ... I really enjoyed reading her opinion and thought's and the responses on her site.

23 May, 2009 07:47  

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