26 May 2009

Christian bigotry strikes again

Amanda Donaldson, a Texas woman undergoing cancer treatment, was recently fired by her Christian employer because she is an atheist. Found via Forever in Hell; latest updates here. Please do read and spread the word.

Is there no limit to the depths to which these bigots will sink?

Update: More here, including the employer's (unconvincing) side of the story.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

This is actually the first that I heard of this.McKinney is a far North Dallas suburb.But no, I hadnt seen nothing on the local news as far as christian or aetheist thing's recently...except awhile back (couple month's ago) when the Metroplex Aetheists Association started putting up billboard's on Dallas area freeway's,nothing negative about the association though, or any christian protest's which is why the news was reporting it, cause they figured christian's would speak out, yet no one said a damn thing.... about to contact them if you dont believe in god or whatever. I would figure this qualifies for a lawsuit... the accused say's he didnt fire for that reason... but of coarse he's going to say that...anyone would if they knew they violated the law and their ass is in the sling. Maybe he's one of them fella's who seen one of them Aetheist's Association billboard's and got into his war mode.

The link to the CBS11 news above just seem's to show.."CBS News 11" but it didnt show me any article or video... did I do something wrong? Or not click the right button or something? Other then that... it was clearly wrong if that the case... and that's judging only from what I read on this victim's blog...or the life in hell blog or whatever it was called...I of coarse would seek to find out some other info about it before I condemn the guy who is accused. So I'll shut up now.

Thank You Sir....

26 May, 2009 10:10  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Not sure which link you're referring to? I checked all the links in my posting and they work.

26 May, 2009 10:19  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Maybe I clicked something wrong...it just had a heading for the news channel, then comment's, but no article or video.But... I did find plenty about it simply by googling it... thanx. I realize how hard it can be trying to prove discrimination too, because anyone is going to deny it that is subject to the suit.

I want to add something here...where I was fired, and I took a company to court in Texas over it, although it was not on religion, but nonetheless... I went for their throat's.

Back in 1990/1991? I reckon... I was working for a large Fortune 500 company locally for around over 5 year's. The company was bought out by a larger company buying up several companies around the US based out of Philadelphia. This was a great company as far as pay and benefit's. When this Philly firm bought it...they decided to give all existing employee's here in Dallas drug test's, we had to sign a paper to agree to it though. I dont know what they would have done if you didnt sign it. I had been there already 5 year's...had an impecable job performance according to manager's who argued in defense for me as well, had perfect attendance as well, never even used any of my sick day's... even had a month and a half paid vacation a year...that I did take though! This new efficiency expert out of Philly they sent was monitoring us all the sudden like a fox on a hen house.My fellow co-worker's who smoked pot like me...went to the head shop to buy that mix you drink before the test so you come out clean...they told me to as well. I told my co-worker's I was pissed...and I'm not going to stop smoking pot...or spend $30 goddamn dollar's everytime they test me... so I came out dirty on the first one...the 2nd one...then the 3rd one... then they fired me, despite my manager's argueing over it in my defense.( I was what is called a pre-press specialist for their graphic art's division, I kept assigned job's for pressman on the printing presses in their in house shop and such related). I took them to court... the state(Texas) ruled in my favour, but I also put together a case that I presented at my request to the court's which they granted me, one being they said they tested everyone equally in the department, I pointed out that they didnt test the secreatary, not even once, she is also an employee. I also pointed out to the court that they kept letting me slide after the first 2 test's... and why didnt they fire me then? The court agrred with me on these and a couple other pointer's I brought up. The company went to appeal it... which didnt even make it to another hearing...they ruled... that there was not sufficient ground's for the company to appeal, and denied them. I was given about $20K cash (no legal fee's since I presented my own defense)... the efficiency expert(Brad.B.) which was to make the company more efficient died in a Dallas area car wreck a year later, the employee's called him the "Ax man" they were scared of him... you know..one of them spit and polish guy's.... dont look like all his work accomplished a thing for him. No... I wasnt frightened of this "Ax man" as a matter of fact... when he fired me ...he stretched out his hand(to shake) and said..."I'm sorry Thomas, but you leave me no choice, 3 times you came out positive over 5 month's" I declined to shake his hand and said.... "Hey guy ... fuck you...I'll see your ass in court" and walked.

26 May, 2009 11:05  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

BTW... I love Richard Dawkins, this guy is a scientist who explain's thing's in such common sense term's that the average Joe like me who doesnt know a damn thing about science can understand. And he's just a real down to earth guy.

Thanx for the follow up... I also been rumaging through some of the other stuff I found on the net... from other reliable area's, and to be frank ... NO ... I dont buy this guy's story ... not at all. I also think he is very "un-christian", Why? Because this gal regardless of anything she might say... is at a very hard time in her life, a kid and familia, having to still work with such medical complication's and such. This fella is just a very heartless fella in my opinion, even his hero, the christ character of his creed or whatever it is.... wouldnt be like that. This is pathetic! To treat this gal like this... is not just very un-christian... but also very un-Texan, and not very impressive as a man either! I cant even tell you how pissed I would be as a spouse of this poor gal...whether what even my belief's were... and would probably respond in a very"un-christian" way to this SOB!

I never seen this business.... but it's on El Dorado Pkwy from what it look's like which is a very busy street in that town, I am up there doing business probably twice a month, it's actually only about 20 mile's north from my home(I live on the very edge of the city limit's of Northwest Dallas, LBJ Frwy and Marsh Ln vacinity). This is one of those outer edge suburban town's of North Dallas... and the kind of town that has more value's than folk's, and more churches than chiropractor's. Being a Texas boy... and quite familiar with these kind of town's, I can assure anyone first hand that they are quite a good breeding ground for these type's of dickhead's as well!

Thank You Sir.....

27 May, 2009 03:29  

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