02 June 2009

Where will the economy recover first?

Moody's has state-by-state projections of when jobs will start to grow again. Interestingly enough, the often-sluggish northwest looks to be the most fortunate region this time.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Nice post Mr.Infidel! Actually to be frank here, although we in Texas have expeienced some suffering, and it's alway's those at the bottom of the totem pole who get the worst effect's... and are the slowest to heal or recover. The fact is... that Texas hasnt really took too hard of a beating compared to alot of what I been reading about other state's, and hearing from folk's on the street that have relocated here from some of these state's.Some of these poor folk's that came from place's such as Detroit for instance, had it so hard that they describe that Dallas/Fort Worth is like moving to paradise... and that's sad!Yes... I actually been told this.In a way... we are kind of spoiled here.My daughter was pissed because she was unemployed a month for instance...and she's employed now, but still whining because she said her new job is boring compared to her last... I told her... "But your getting a nice lil paycheck girl ... that count's for something, because folk's all over the nation are having it a lil harder.."(and one hell of a benefit's package,w/free phone,cable,internet,bonuses,etc) I am sure your state will welcome this new's as well.

The Katrina home trailer's for $5 buck's did give me a little chuckle.... because I was thinking about government auction's as well...I mean if you want to find some real bargain price's on anything... go to a government auction! I know a couple guy's personally that go to these and buy car's...former gvmt vehicles, and those confiscated from contraband dealer's, and other way's of repossession... they fix em up a lil bit.... then sell them for several time's the amount that they paid for them... this is no crap ...gvmt auction's are a steal!

Later Guy...........

03 June, 2009 04:13  

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