15 June 2009

Quotes for the day (special MSM edition)

"Today, as global geopolitics is shaken to its core by events in Iran, I turned on cable news this morning, and saw endless ads for a Larry King Jonas Brothers “interview”, Morning Joe yukking it up discussing Kuwaiti massage therapists, a video of a tomato throwing contest on CNN, talk radio blowhard Bill Bennett…and occasionally a phone call from Christiane Amanpour in Tehran. I can’t even bring myself to turn on the network morning programs, I might vomit.

"All the while, I have been hitting refresh like a crazy person on this thread at Huffington Post, which reports on news organiza-tions banned, reporters arrested, crowds building for a Mousavi rally as I post this, etc. etc. Huffington Post has no reporter on the ground, no international bureau, no satellite phones in Tehran, and yet, that is the most thorough news source on this story you can find.

"I suppose, in fact, pray to GOD, this will turn around at some point, but as of this moment, I cannot think of a bigger failure of our media culture in my lifetime. Not only is there limited cove-rage, it appears editors don’t even recognize what they are seeing before their eyes."

"The Cable News Networks have been a joke -- CNN has been awful as you've heard but at least they're talking about it. MSNBC has been showing their stupid documentaries all weekend and FOX has barely mentioned the story lest it get in the way of hours and hours of Obama-bashing (the only time I've seen it discussed was in terms of how badly Obama is handling it). But it's just not the news channels. The NY Times has been great but the Washington Post has been mainly AWOL."

Update: Michael Totten will be on internet radio here at 5:00 US west coast time today.


Blogger Nancy said...

I so completely agree! What an absolute sad state of affairs the MSM is in. The abyssmal coverage on Iranian 'election' is terrible. Twitter had raw data flooding in all day yesterday which blew the MSM out of the water. The BBC on cable is an excellent source of worldwide news. If only our lame media here would follow in their footsteps.

15 June, 2009 09:30  

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