13 June 2009

Link roundup for 13 June 2009

Well, I guess it had to happen eventually -- someone tried making an actual argument against gay marriage. Forever in Hell blog surveys the ghastly wreckage of the result.

Nick M recalls a cetaceophilia witch-hunt in Britain in the 1980s.

Sigh.....another remake (found via Mendip).

Heidi Taillefer creates intriguing surrealist paintings (found via Sentient Developments).

The Obama personality cult is attracting attention even overseas; Cannonfire reminds us of the outrages of the primary campaign.

A judge in Texas thought he was above the law; he wasn't (sent by Ranch Chimp).

On DADT, it's just the same old crap.

Exit Zero has a roundup of recent domestic-terror events. Make no mistake, this problem is growing.

Britain's economy may already be turning the corner to recovery.

In the face of Euroskeptic victories in the recent EU elections, the EU elite displays its limitless arrogance.

The Jerusalem Post schools Obama on the Holocaust, while Amir Taheri has essential observations on the Islamic world.

The town of Astrakhan, Russia, won't need to put up with this noise pollution any more.

The Iranian regime claims Ahmadinejad won yesterday's election by a landslide; challenger Mousavi believes otherwise. Sounds like pretty much what I expected.

Is it possible to murder a man after his death? Orville Martin Richardson may have suffered that fate.

Overflying the desert: the Japanese space probe Kaguya sends dramatic video of the Moon.

A sweater illuminates irrational belief (sent by Mendip).

If you think irrational beliefs are harmless, consider this African myth about HIV.

It turns out that typhoons can cause earthquakes, but that's not necessarily bad; they're "slow earthquakes" on faults which were poised to produce deadlier sudden ones anyway.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Greeting's from the Ranch Sir Infidel!

A nice lil lineup here.

What really caught my eye in this one, was the art of Heidi Taillefer. I am not a big follower of the art world, but I do love art.I wasnt familiar with Heidi, but was familiar with Giorgio DeChirico. At home...I have quite a few copies framed of work by HR Giger ... who I consider as one of my favourite's! Thanx for that piece though... I absolutely love her work!

My,my,my ... when will they just legalize SS marriage and get it done with....Geeez...I didnt think this would drag out this long... and the issue's/stuff like DADT, etc. I just was talking with a neighbor down the street,enjoying his yard and huge shade tree on this typically hot summer afternoon here in Dallas! This man is a life long democrat... early 30's,consider's himself liberated,moved here from Detroit, he has two young boy's, his wife is anglo/white...he is black/ American, and we got to talking about gay marriage... and all of the sudden, he buckled up on me. He acted a lil hot over gay's!?@##? He asked why I would support gay marriage(he has seen my blog several times)? I told him.... just what I wrote... it is discrimination man! I told him how would you feel if someone said you cant be with your wife cause of your black/white relationship? he said... that is different... I asked how? He said because it's male/female... and male/male is not natural. I told him... that it doesnt effect his family though if they marry or what they do in their own bedroom. He said it's gone further than that... that his son's use the internet daily... and this homosexual stuff is all over the internet, and our children are exposed to it,etc. I'm not going to get into a long debate over this.... but I also told him that there is dog's shagging gal's on the net too... doesnt mean you have to watch it though.The dog thing really made him look nauseated,so I didnt elaborate any further on fetishes, you can say I censor myself at certain point's with folk's. But it was somewhat shocking to me.... being a democrat,being in a mixed marriage, born and raised in a liberated city like Detroit... that it would even upset a grown man. I dont think his wife agree's with him... but she just stay's mostly quiet on politic's.... but she is the sweetest ole gal.

Would you wear a serial killer's sweater?(Mendip)That was an interesting read.It make's sense that some are obsessed with other's wearable's too.And the mental thing,spiritual,or other stuff folk's conjure up in their mind's.I have spent quite a bit of time talking to some of these folk's convicted of ...let's just say ... questionable murder offenses, however... I wont mention names here.What I have also learned(seemed odd at first to me) was how attached to the victim's some of these folk's get... almost romantic in a way, or sexual.Many collect item's from the offense, usually clothing,jewelry, and in some cases, various part's of the victim's body(I wont get into specific's here)and they re-inact it seem's like... the offense over and over... while their alone post-offense... with these item's for a type of personal eroticism, but the clothing seem's to be like the actual person who worn the item's to them in a way. I reckon some folk's get some gratification out of the assailant's/offender's garment's/ornamentation or whatever as well.

Typhoon's trigger slow earthquake's caught my eye... because we has 5 earthquake's in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in the last week and a half.... only about 3.0, but the thing is, we never had these here that I can recall.And Why now? Living in LA it was the daily dish, but not in Dallas.DFW has various geologist's they just brought in to study what the hell is going on.I sometimes wonder if all this natural gas drilling they do here recently could cause this, or add in some way? The thing that makes me wonder about drilling and extraction of anything is...when you extract something... doesnt something have to replace it? To fill what has been extracted? It just puzzle's me.But a good read!

13 June, 2009 12:42  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Another comment.... the last couldnt accept it based on too many character's(sound's like Capitol Hill?)

But this Ahmadinejad victory...a landslide heh? You dont sound suprised Mr.Infidel... I wonder why? Frankly I'm not suprised as well.... :)

Later Guy..........

13 June, 2009 12:45  

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