19 June 2009

Young hunters

I couldn't resist this item from the Huffington Post's liveblogging thread about certain young Iranians who are hitting back at the Basîj (the regime's religious militia, responsible for most of the violence and killings so far):

Mousavi supporters were out on the streets 'Basiji hunting.' Their resolve is no less than these thugs -- theyre after hunting them down. They use their phones, their childhood friends, their inti-mate knowledge of their districts and neighbours to plan their attacks -- they're organised and they're supported by their com-munity so they have little fear. They create the havoc they're after, ambush the thugs, use their Cocktail Molotovs, disperse and re-assemble elsewhere and then start again -- and the door of every house is open to them as safe harbour -- they're commu-nity-connected. The Basiji's are not. These are not the students in the dorms, they're the street young -- they know the ways better than most thugs -- and these young, a surprising number of them girls, are becoming more agile in their ways as each night passes on.

Notice that -- a surprising number of them girls. Given the special viciousness of the Islamists toward females, one imagines that revenge must indeed be sweet.


Blogger Zardoz said...

I've seen some videos of the basij on motorbikes driving into crowds swinging their clubs at anyone who happens to be in the way and firing live rounds into crowds from rooftops. I can understand the hatred that the Iranian people must feel towards these sadistic thugs. I can understand the hatred but the bravery of these street kids, the girls especially, is something that I can't understand, but only admire.

19 June, 2009 20:30  

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