21 June 2009


Sullivan's roundup of today's Twitter reports indicates that street demonstrations and violent clashes continued around Tehran today, but their scale and significance is difficult to assess since the regime has now had greater success at restricting the flow of information. One of his readers takes a plausible, and optimistic, view of Mousavi's intentions. Update: video of one Sunday clash here.

There's every reason to think that this is not over. The revolution thirty years ago which brought down the Shah extended over a period of several months, from the beginning of major strikes and demonstrations in August 1978 to the final collapse of the regime in January 1979. Protest marches in honor of those killed by the Shah's troops in previous demonstrations played a role in keeping up the pressure on the regime, and there are already signs that the present uprising may follow the same pattern.

Michael Totten is offline for a while, but has handed over his blog to a trusted ghostblogger "who knows more about Iran than I do" and has some worthwhile observations, notably here. Other blogs likely to be covering events include Revolutionary Road (which has some videos of today's clashes) and Azarmehr.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Um,um,um ... What a mess over there... I am just grateful we dont have our highly trained troop's in the middle of that mess too! And grateful I live in a country where we dont have to be dictated to by these raghead council's like some of them folk's do.My heart goes out to some of these folk's.I could imagine what it would be like in America being dictated to and oppressed by someone like the KKK(similar in my opinion),and these folk's are like 100X worse... um,um,um... imagine that!

Later Guy ..........

22 June, 2009 03:00  

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