27 June 2009

Link roundup for 27 June 2009

Have it your way -- at Burger King!

Artist of the week: Daniela Uhlig.

You may have trouble finding the ingredients for these dishes (via Mendip).

At last -- an honest obituary.

Vamp has a slideshow of religion quotes.

Here is where you'll find the shittiest people in the United States (sent by Ranch Chimp). Fortunately, they're staying there.

Another right-winger sounds off against gay marriage. His secret weapon: Latin.

Trade unionists in Britain and other countries rally in solidarity with Iran.

Yes, there are still witch-burnings in the twenty-first century. And there's this, which is almost as dangerously ignorant.

Whales off the Argentine coast are being viciously harassed.

After reading this, I have yet another incentive to lose weight.

Not all crop circles are made by hoaxers. Some are made by druggies.

These carvings may be the oldest examples of the Cherokee script.

See photos of the killer floods in the Czech Republic.

Scientists can now actually watch a memory being formed.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

My first reaction to the "Burger King" advertisement...was look's like a good price/deal,I like to go to "Subway" though... because most of their stuff taste's great and is low fat. I was a little shocked though at the response.I was looking at Sandy's comment for instance on how feminist's were upset over this... I mean... for Pete's sake...it's just a bloody ad! It seem's like many people just look for sexual thing's/reference's in every damn thing they look at?It is downright remarkable how folk's are so uptight about sex... period. But no, I actually didnt find it disturbing or low or whatever,it hurt's no one.... not unless your so weak minded you let it hurt you. Geeez... just go out and get laid instead of worrying so much about it!

Loved some of the art of "Robot Monster Chick's"!

Pastor Patricia McKinney of Bridgeport(CT) ....Jesus F'n Christ! What is up with these folk's?! Well.... to each their own. But exorcising homosexual demon's now? crack demon's,heroin demon's? All the demon's I personally know.... just "say no" to drug's!(just kiddin)If I were a county prosecutor though... I would be seriously keeping an eye on this gal,because some of this could walk a fine line on criminal charges... that's just my opinion. I am not against folk's belief's or going to church... however, I am very strict about getting some federal regulation's in place on alot of these churches and religion's... they run too freely, and are in a position to do whatever the hell they damn well please while the rest of us must abide by guidelines or suffer the consequences, they can legally even abuse children for that matter... I could go on and on here.Another thing I would clamp down on... is this goddamn free ride they get in these tax haven's and on other avenue's.... this is not heaven... nor is god the judge here... we run thing's here... not heaven or spirit's!I would also stop this illicit indoctrination of children into these religious organization's...why? Because I feel like there should be an "age" to where a child can decide for themselve's(in writing) whether they "decide" they want this, perhap's the age of 15,16 or so. There are no law's to protect the children.... yet we alway's boast of how were thinking of the kid's. I ever catch these type's around my children or grandchildren here in Texas... I will be in their ass quicker than lightning!

The "Sadly No" posting ....I am still amazed at how someone can be offended because a couple homo's want to marry, enough said.

Suprising piece on the Wallabies making crop circle's.... that was a first for me.... kind of entertaining in a way.... however I questioned the reaction, being that I used heroin and smoked opium both before... many time's too ... but these are "downer's", it is not a drug that would "energize" one to run and do anything for that matter, it mellow's you... if anything... alot of opiate's would make you nod. Maybe the species react's different... hell... dont reckon I know... but it was entertaining.

Later Guy... have a good un!

27 June, 2009 15:16  
Anonymous rita said...

Interesting & informative links. I found the one about the witch burnings horrifying...

30 June, 2009 06:12  

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