04 July 2009

Link roundup for 4 July 2009

See if you can figure out what this unknown life form is.

A bubble is caught at the instant of popping (found via Mendip).

Cuteness break: baby otters!

These creatures are considerably less attractive, but they've achieved world peace.

More Iranian rap: Farinâz sings Be Nâm-e Zan ("In the Name of Woman"). I liked the comment by "Sheilamazhari" -- the Persian-language part means "No Muslim is Iranian, and no Iranian is Muslim".

Ranch Chimp sends news of two world-class idiots. One, here in Portland, called 911 over a botched hamburger order; the other, on RC's own home turf of Dallas, stole a truck and -- well, see for yourself.

In other idiot news, Oklahoma legislator and religious loon Sally Kern has introduced a proclamation blaming the recession on debauchery and ungodliness. Dissenting Justice and Forever in Hell have reactions.

Special bonus idiot: this must be the stupidest reason ever for wanting an abortion.

Some Americans don't want to learn the lesson of Iran.

Here's another egregious example of right-wing trolling. Notice how "Gideon" stomps onto someone else's turf, shits on everyone in sight, and then acts like the offended party when he gets called on it. (Normally I wouldn't link to a post just for the comments thread, but the point of this post is the stupidity of so much blog commenting. Besides, there's a cool blogging-chimp poster -- RC, is that you?)

It's not just the MSM that favor trivia over substance -- the Senate does too.

The evil of faith claims another child victim.

We should pay more attention to Vice Presidents.

More right-wing abuse of power: Bush used the Justice Depart-ment to target political opponents.

Palin has resigned as Governor of Alaska. The Brad Blog thinks there's a scandal about to break (found via Nancy).

Utter vileness: right-wingers hope for an attack on America.

Forty years after Stonewall, Police raid a gay bar in Fort Worth and attack customers, putting one in intensive care. More here and here (both sent by Ranch Chimp).

Better news from India, which has decriminalized homosexuality. The anti-gay law was a holdover from the days of British rule, but (predictably) was fervently supported by Indian religious leaders.

For Dominion Day, ManticoreWeb has a list of things to like about Canada.

Turkey doesn't seem to grasp the concept of free expression.

Iran news: The Tehran bazaar defied the theocracy Thursday and went on strike; major gatherings are planned nationwide for next Thursday, the 9th. The theocracy plans to murder 29 prisoners tomorrow. A friend of one arrested student describes the abuses being inflicted in detention. The doctor who tried to help Nedâ Aghâ-Soltân has escaped from Iran and speaks out here. The theocracy's British propaganda arm, Press TV (should be called "Mullah Haw-Haw") loses a spokesman.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Well,when it comes to a variety of topic's for thought... your weekly round-up sure rank's up there!

"Unknown Lifeform" from Vamp... sure caught my curiosity... loved the video clip though! Could it call for some Hollywood Producer to see what they can twist out of it for the box office? :)

Special Thanx to Quantum Flux (i-Rational Theorist) for posting pic's of me with my family member's here on the ole Ranch blogging away... I have no picture's of myself to post... and the only camera I had, I had to pawn since the economy was tight for some banana's. :)

Yes... I been reading up on Ms.Sally"Silly"Kern in Oklahoma elsewhere's as well.

Just when I thought I heard it all....Um,um,um ... Lord have mercy!... cant imagine bringing a child into a world without Michael Jackson ... imagine that! Well, ya'll still got his corpse, will that work? I mean... corpses work for me at least.Remember "Cold Ethyl" by Alice Cooper? One of my favorite live performer's too! :)

Dissenting Justice on "Earth to Congress" ... this is exactly the type of nonsense that nauseate's me! And let me add... I am a big football and hockey fan since childhood. But this is exactly the kind of slacking crap we have from some on the Hill too. When I get paid to do a bloody job... I believe in giving it my all to DOING that job! I'd like to to try a Field Goal attempt with Orin's butt cheek's as the goal post's!

Supid Evil Bastard's, was another one that I have followed... and we have more people that think this way in this country than even get advertised in the media... I see this as reason to think the way I do about mandatory sterilization for some.

DemWit on VP's ... I did like that post... and Lord know's how I think about Cheney!

The Death Drive video clip with Glenn Beck... I dont even know what to make or think of that one.... truth, insulting, arrogance, or just unfitting for this particular Independence Day?.. I'd like to ask Beck to see what he thinx one on one.

Later Guy..........

04 July, 2009 08:14  

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