13 July 2009

Quote for the day

"One problem is that such debates never end. Every week there are new people who want to argue that Saddam really did have WMD, creationism is a sensible alternative to the science of evolution, the scientific consensus on global warming is wrong, abortion is the killing of babies, the Founding Fathers did not really intend for the United States to have separation of church and state, Barack Obama is not an American citizen, or whatever Fox or Rush Lim-baugh is talking about that day is true. It is not worth the time to debate each new person who raises the same arguments, especi-ally as those who hold such beliefs are not likely to change their minds regardless of how strong the facts contradict their views."

A big part of why I use comment moderation, right there.


Blogger ZIRGAR said...

This may be beating a dead horse, but I've said all along that oen cannot reason with unreasonable people. Which is why I no longer debate, even though I did so informally in college. My views have changed over time; not from debate, but from observation and experience, which is why I went from being infected with conservatism to going in full remission and now I'm a healthy liberal.

14 July, 2009 00:41  
Blogger Conrad Strong said...

The quote is absolutely true. I've grown tired of debating these people also because they are clearly on the fringe and cannot be reasoned with. Thankfully the country seems to finally grasp just how crazy this bunch is and that gives me great hope. I'm all to happy to have reasonable conversations with my moderate conservative friends but I'm done with the wingnuts. By the way, great blog!

14 July, 2009 12:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...


14 July, 2009 12:51  

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