05 April 2009

Quote for the day

"Fundamentalists know they are right because they have read the truth in a holy book and they know, in advance, that nothing will budge them from their belief. The truth of the holy book is an axiom, not the end product of a process of reasoning. The book is true, and if the evidence seems to contradict it, it is the evidence that must be thrown out, not the book. By contrast, what I, as a scientist, believe (for example, evolution) I believe not because of reading a holy book but because I have studied the evidence. It really is a very different matter. Books about evolution are be-lieved not because they are holy. They are believed because they present overwhelming quantities of mutually buttressed evidence. In principle, any reader can go and check that evidence. When a science book is wrong, somebody eventually discovers the mis-take and it is corrected in subsequent books. That conspicuously doesn't happen with holy books."

Richard Dawkins


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

This is actually a more important quote than many may realize. I never try to get an aetheist or an evolutionist to look at Dr.Dawkins, because they most likely know of him already, but I alway's like to mention him to those who are of strong faith in the holy text's, and those who know nothing much about him. I have a video as well of his called "The Root of Evil", which also show's the determination in his eyes and his tolerance with nutcases...in his struggle to only get truth and answer's. I think he is a "good man" at heart. For me personally...I dont know if I could have the discipline and tolerance when face to face with some of these arrogant nutcases that harrass him with their insult's and pointless rubbish, that is actually a recipe for failure of the species.

He doesnt grandstand from some pulpit, or a temple or have fancy lines of word's to delude folk's. He's just one of them regular old fella's that is in the trenches facing the reality of the condition and informing folk's of important fact's and finding's. My guess is if the Jesus figure were actually alive here and now...he wouldnt side with the great temples and priest's as I tell christian folk's....but with this man Dawkin's instead.

Thank You Sir.....

05 April, 2009 09:39  
Blogger vamp said...


05 April, 2009 20:24  
Blogger Zardoz said...

Religion is a state in which the potential of the human mind is wasted. Religion is similar to a drug in that induces a state of stupefaction. Just say "no" to religion!

09 April, 2009 00:29  

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