31 March 2009

The men who found refuge

Who was Tarek Hussein Farid? ManticoreWeb looks into a nasty little cranny of history.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Heh,heh,heh..."The Boys from Egypt" I remember a movie year's ago called the "Boy's from Brazil" (No...not the transsexual film). But I have heard as well as read and seen documentaries on some of what the Nazi's did...they were quite a group! But they had what looked like a regular flea market going...they experimented on their prisoner/victim's, and not just Jew's...they truely were into "Universal Health" And they were such cheapskates too. They utilized every damn bit they could. Before they send you to your final shower for instance, they took your hair...of coarse to sell or whatever.They'd take your internal organ's,any of your teeth that had gold...even after they already robbed your residence (and I just thought the Mexican Police were bad...about ripping you off) Your clothes,eating utensil's(silver)...and many of Germany' Jew's...had a little nest egg. They just had a field day. You name it....if they had use for it...or could make a buck off it....your ass was history! But some of the stories I heard from those who actually lived there for a time and/or were in the so called "camp's" (hell of a title to name them)told some remarkable stories of their experiences. But I see where they have common interest's now with some of those muslim's...I reckon that decapitation thing is just like an ole family tradition by now! The Ku Klux Klan are also in fashion with the muslim's..they both love to wear sheet's and both hate Jew's.

31 March, 2009 08:34  

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