29 March 2009

A warning from Norway

Polls show Norway's anti-immigration Progress Party rising in popularity and perhaps now having the largest base of support of any party in the country. Most of Norway's immigrant population is Muslim.

The Labor Party, currently in office, is losing support after trying to enact a set of laws aimed at appeasing Islam -- laws which it withdrew after a public outcry.

The implications are especially striking since Norway's Muslim population is small, less than 2% of the country's total population. In most other western European countries the proportion is much higher, ranging up to perhaps 8%-10% in France. Very likely there are great opportunities in those other countries for any party that seizes upon this issue and makes it its own.


Blogger Shtuey said...

It is one thing to allow people to immigrate into a country. It is quite another to feel so intimidated by the immigrants that the receiving country feels it must alter its laws to appease them. Good on the citizens of Norway for standing up to their government.

29 March, 2009 13:38  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Back around 10-15 year's ago I guess...I was watching a news show called "60 minutes". They were interviewing a government official in a western European country...and I cant remember which country it was off hand. I want to say Sweden or Holland...but I honestly cant recall exactly.It was interesting because the show was focused on this country just bringing in all this immigration, and going out of their way to do so.When the "60 Minutes" interviewer asked why they were trying to bring in all these folk's....they actually said they were trying to give themselves a facelift, because they were so fortunate to have all they have (if this will help...the country had a programme for it's own people at the time...to where all had free higher education...and each of their own citizen's was given some high dollar lump sum of money ...I guess just for being alive or a citizen...they were doing so well) and they were "too white" and too "well off" ..so they wanted to "share"..I know this sound's like a joke...but it isnt...this is what they actually said, I was actually laughing when I heard it. It was almost like they had this guilty complex for doing so well. The show/interview wasnt about any tension's with immigration...but to show the compassion of this country and how great it is. I just wonder if this country feel's the same in 2009? Damn ...I wish I could recall what country it was. They not only brought in these poverty stricken immigrant's...but housed them,educated them,clothed them...you name it. It was hilarious listening to it.

30 March, 2009 04:35  
Blogger Zed said...

If left-wing parties in Europe continue to act like good little dhimmis by attempting to appease the muslims, then anti-immigrant parties will be the ones to benefit. Muslims cannot be appeased; they want it all or nothing. It'll be interesting to see what happens in Norway's elections this September.

31 March, 2009 10:53  

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